Norwegian Breakaway Rocks New York City

Now, let's see...where was I when I was so rudely interrupted by having to get back on the ship?  Oh, yeah - Saturday!

Up bright and early for a 7am Flywheel class.  Good Lawd!  After being up all day and night the day before, and getting a couple hours sleep, I stumbled on down to the Fitness Center (which is huge and awesome, by the way).  Got all shoed up and mounted the bike.  It started slow and easy, but the trainer upped the pace and the grade rapidly.  As we did our first stand up position, I managed to twist my shoe off the pedal, slide to the side and pull either a muscle or a tendon in my groin.  Yay, me!  Now, in all seriousness, if I had a half a brain I would have quit then.  But, noooooo...I chose to keep going, play thru the pain.  It only got worse.  Honestly, at the top of it the pain was almost unnoticeable, because I couldn't see thru the sweat or hear anything but the pounding of my middle-aged heart and the gasping for air thing.  And THEN, we did a couple sprint race type deals (at the front of the Flywheel studio is a big screen with each riders speed and total points).  Made it thru one without looking too lame.  Then a little more pedaling and another sprint, etc.  On the second to last sprint, I actually managed to beat Andy Stuarts speed and make up a few points (though I was lagging too badly to catch him, absent a stroke or heart attack on his part).  Which was pretty much my only goal in life, at that point.  And then at the last sprint, my whole leg was on fire, and I told them all to go on, and I would catch up in a day or two.
I did manage to finish the approximately 45 minute workout, without crying or dying, so I am counting it a success.  However, for the rest of the day I could not sit down, lie down or climb a stair.  But, I did get a nifty tote bag and a T-shirt!  So, you know...WINNING!
After the torture session, and a long shower and a cup of coffee, there was no time for breakfast, as I had a seminar session with Stuart Cohen.  Great guy.  Very motivational.  I have heard him before and always pick up something.  Even standing in the back of the room, since I was in too much pain to sit down.  That was followed by a session with Vivian Ewart about Norwegians Freestyle Groups.  Great stuff, and I'll definitely be using it, but nothing you, Dear Reader, would care much about.
There was one more session, but I had to slip out and eat something as I was nearly comatose from pain and hunger at this point.  So, over to O'Sheehans for some wings and spinach dip.  The menu/food/service there is on a par with the EPIC.  After lunch I took a little limp around the pool deck to check out the pools, jacuzzis and slides.  They are AWESOME, and I will most definitely be checking them out this week.  Sadly, I was in no condition to do more than watch.  So, I talked to some colleagues for a bit and then went on down for a nap.  Unsuccessfully, as it turns out laying down was almost as painful as sitting down or walking.  But I lazed about til my friend returned from her Spa Day.  Again, I will try the spa at some point in the week, but from her reports it was all pretty cool.
One last session at 4pm with Andy and Camille.  Part information, part pep talk, they spoke about Norwegians history, and it's future and their PARTNERS FIRST philosophy.  While I already know, first hand, that Norwegian has made a huge investment in it's relationship with the Travel Agent community, it's nice to hear it reaffirmed by the folks at the top who are actually implementing it.  In it's third year, now, the Partners First idea is fully implemented and seems to be working for both sides, quite well. 
So, anyway...After that session, we dressed for dinner and went back down to Savor, given that rezzies at the alternative dining were still jammed up and that we'd had such a good  meal there the night before.  I had the pumpkin soup, which is always good, the Asian Mandarin Chicken salad and Crispy Duck.  The salad, a pile of glass noodles on a bed of shredded lettuce with Mandarin orange and chicken slices on top, dressed with a light ginger/soy dressing was delightful.  The Crispy duck was not as crispy as I would like, but it, too, had a nice, sweet, plumsaucy sauce that was perfect for duck.
After dinner we headed on over to Headliners to catch Second City's Improv act.  Pretty good cast, it seems, with a couple of people I recognized from the EPIC.
Then it was time to dress for the big 80's Party.  Bad weather forced it from Spice to the Atrium, but it turned out well.  Quite a few of us chose to go full tilt dressing up for it.  The music was great, the dance floor was crowded and hoppin', and a good time was had by all, I think.  In the case of my roomie, a bit too much of a good time, so I was forced to bail out about 12:30 to pour her into bed.  But, it's all good. ;-)
So, yeah...tomorrow I promise to get to Sundays fun of getting off the 2 day Breakaway Rocks New York and back on for the Breakaway Bermuda Inaugural.

Stay tuned.  Also, check out www.youtube.com/HolmanTravel for a couple short vids I made during the day.  And of course www.facebook.com/DaveHolman and www.facebook.com/HolmanTravel for some short posts and pictures.  I'll upload pics here, later, but at shipboard wifi prices...I'll wait til I get to Bermuda.

Later, Dudes!

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