Breakaway Bermuda Inaugural, DAY THREE, FOR REAL

Cuz, apparently I can't count when I am on vacation.  Sorry about the confusion.
Yesterday, our second day at sea, was mostly spent fighting off a cold.  And apologizing to a cranky roommate.  Not that I blame her...apparently I was sawing logs big time last nite...so, today its Contac and Emergen-C.  And spending most of the morning trying to figure out the internet situation.  I have a new set up here, using my Droid RAZR tethered to a bluetooth keyboard, because my netbook finally took a dump.  I think I have it all figured out, though.
So, yeah...breakfast was at O'Sheehans.  A little casino time, including a wildly unsuccessful prelim for the Blackjack Tournament.  Went to the Sushi bar for lunch.  AWESOME.  The Red Hokkaido Roll was to die for.  Spicy tuna and scallop, with enough  Srirachi to strip the paint off a car.  And then an accidental 3 hour nap.  By the time I woke up it was time to get dressed for the Captains VIP Reception.  Lot's of fun.  It's kinda cool that so many of the officers are over here from the EPIC and other ships I have sailed on.  It's like a reunion.  Also got a chance to talk to Kevin Sheehan and point out that taking creamed spinach off the Cagney's menu is a grave mistake.  He agreed that a steakhouse without creamed spinach is a travesty.  We also shot the breeze about some trivial stuff. 
After the reception, I hosted a half dozen friends for dinner at La Cucina.  I love that place.  Had the carpaccio, the Insalata Caprese (tomato and mozzeralla), and a couple pizzas and the Osso Buco for an entree.  Everything was excellent, both the food and the company.  After dinner we got down to the theater just in time to have Rock of Ages cancelled.  Major bummer.  Technical difficulties.  Ran up to Spice for Fabba instead.  That was good.  But the cold was still trying to get ahold of me, so I turned in early.
Another installment tomorrow.
preview:  We are in Bermuda and it's beautiful.

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