Carnival returning to Mexico

Miami - May 15, 2009 5:00PMCarnival will resume visits to Mexican ports of call based on the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, which is no longer recommending against non-essential travel to Mexico. Once all voyages with previously modified itineraries are completed, those vessels will revert to their original routes featuring stops in Mexico. Most itineraries were modified through mid-June. Click here for a ship-by-ship listing including dates for when each vessel will resume its original itinerary. Carnival is extremely pleased to be resuming our port calls in Mexico, which is one of our most popular destinations. Additionally, we would like to thank all our guests and travel agent partners who were impacted by the modified schedules in recent weeks for their understanding and patience.

from the Carnival Cruise Lines website

Carnival Splendor, again, again

Well that last cruise was so much fun, I am going back on the Carnival Splendor for the 5/31/09 Sailing. Last chance to cruise from LA to Canada. This one has port calls in Victoria (again), but replaces San Francisco and Seattle with Astoria, Oregon and Vancouver, BC.

Decided to do another, because the prices are crazy cheap. This time I will be taking my 3 neices and nephews as well as my sister and brother in law. Should be a fun introduction to cruising for the little ones.

This is the first time I have ever boarded the same ship three times in a row, and I might have the record for most days onboard the Splendor since her redeployment to the West Coast...

And I got in just in time, as Carnival announced today they are resuming their Mexican Riviera iteneraries after the 6/11 sailing. Doubt I will do another daily post, but I will review as soon as I get back.


Carnival Splendor, Day SIX and SEVEN

Ended the cruise with two days at sea. Heading south the seas calmed and it got progressively warmer, until finally it was warm enough (almost) to try out the waterslide.

Spent most of the two days running around the ship with some new friends, playing Trivia contests and Digital Scavenger Hunts, hanging in the Piano Bar with Ron Pass, the best Piano Man in the Carnival Fleet, and eating...did try the Burrito Bar, the Mongolian BBQ, the Deli, the Tandoori and the Rotisserie...they were all good to excellent, with the Tandoori still being my favorite, and the Mongolian BBQ pretty good.

Not much else to say, so I will just post the pictures, and you can decide if I had a good time.

I will tell you that I have booked the Splendor again for the 31st of May...so it must have been pretty good!


Carnival Splendor, DAY FIVE

So....Seattle wasn't quite ready for cruise ships...I had plans to meet my neice for lunch at a place 600' from the pier. Alas, we were sent to the OTHER pier.

When I looked out from my room, just before they started letting people off the boat, there were at least 50 cabs waiting, so I figured "no problem". I can just go down, have one of the cabbies radio for a ramp van, and we'll be on our way. Between then and when people actually got off the boat, the port authorities made all the cabs move to a different location. Most of them decided to go to the airport. ;-}

When cabs finally started showing up, after multiple calls from disgruntled passengers standing in the cold and damp, none of them would make a call, so I called dispatch and requested a van. Then I waited about an hour...then I called back, and they actually got all the relevant information...then I waited another half hour...then I called back again, and found out that Yellow operates a total of 6 ramped vans in all of Kings County (and it's a pretty good sized county), and they had not yet matched me up with an available van...after ANOTHER half an hour in the cold and damp, I gave up, called my neice and had her come to our pier and pick us up (could have done that ahead of time, but I really didn't think I would need transportation, based on what I was told as to where we would be docking.

Anyway, it ended up a nice lunch hour with Andrea, got caught up, and gossiped about all the family that wasn't there, etc., and then headed back to the ship