fathom Cruise to Dominican Republic - 4/17/2016 UPDATE

So, I intended to post yesterday and congratulate fathom on her inaugural voyage.  But, stuff happened.  So, now *I* will be on the inaugural voyage.  Barring more stuff.

It seems they ran into an issue during the Coast Guard inspection.  Actually, I think I will just link to a video of the official announcement from Jason Maltais.

I have to say, it shows me a company with heart.  I know a few of the people who were supposed to be on there, and they all agree - while they are deeply disappointed it didn't go as planned, they are universally praising the folks at fathom for how they handled everything.  From communicating frequently, to taking care of them during the delay, to helping everyone get home and compensating them for their loss.

So, while I feel bad for all of them, I am kind of excited that now my cruise becomes the inaugural.

I know...that sounds bad, but hey...

I mean, I was really looking forward to the whole experience anyway, but inaugurals tend to be a whole different level. 

Anyway, I gather they can get the issues fixed in a couple days, so it should be good to go on the 17th.  I sincerely hope so. 

And if it is, and I am there, you can rest assured I'll be posting daily.  Pics, videos, and verbose posts. 

So...wish me luck!