Ruby Princess Pre-Inaugural 2 day cruise and Naming Ceremony

Wow, this is gonna be fun.

I am invited to the Naming Ceremony of the brand new Ruby Princess. I have never been to a naming ceremony, so that right there sounds like a great day. The Godparents of the Ruby Princess are Trista and Ryan, from The Bachelorette. Apparently (I don't pay much attention to these things) they have been married for 5 years now, and have one son and another baby on the way. So I guess it is possible to fall in love on a TV show.....who'da thunk it?

Following the naming ceremony, we are off for a 2 day "cruise to nowhere". By all accounts these are pretty elaborate affairs, and Princess picks up the tab for EVERYTHING, with an open bar, coffee bar, etc, all sorts of entertainment and special events, like a mass Vow Renewal Ceremony, and exclusive concert movies on their Movies Under the Stars system (a 300 square foot LED TV screen by the pool). They are also starting the first night with a "Ruby Red Formal" dinner, with the guests invited to wear ruby formal dress, or at least ruby red accessories.

Most of the guests are travel agents who have achieved, like yours truly, "PRINCESS COMMODORE" AGENT Status, the highest level of training in Princess products. As well there will be lot's of VIP's from Corporate, and ten couples who won an essay contest, and the aforementioned Trista and Ryan. Most importantly of all, none other than THE Cruise ship Captain of all time, Gavin McLeod (Capt. Stubing from THE LOVE BOAT series) will actually be onboard, with a tribute film followed by a Q & A session. How awesome is that?

Anyway - I am off on Nov. 6th for this little adventure, and I will post all about it when I get back.