Breaking Down The Breakaway - In Pictures

Okay, so I am catching the Breakaway in 12 days. But Norwegian took delivery on Friday, and she is sailing a couple of overnighters from Rotterdam, and then England, before she hops across the Pond to come get me. I think I have said all I can say over the last 6 weeks, so this week, we'll let pictures do the talking! Andy Stuart, Executive Vice President of NCL posted a slew of shots the first day in Rotterdam, and I am not above stealing them. So, without further ado:

First, a couple of shots of the 80's Party at Spice/H2o.  Fireworks will commence soon.

And then, a couple shots of the Spa...the Salt Room, a first of it's kind at sea and the pool w/waterfall

Now,  couple shots from the Fitness Center.  Note the Flywheel spinning bikes.  For those of you who aren't up on Flywheel, Google it.   For some bizarre reason (because I am way to competitive for my own good), I accepted an invitation to Flywheel at 7am on the Saturday of the PreInaugural.  My only hope is that the open bar has the other 9 people badly hungover Saturday morning.  There are some advantages to not drinking.

Yeah...That's the Flywheel Room...

And, finally, a few of the people who make the whole thing possible:
There is Andy Stuart, Exec VP, my old buddy Klaus Lugmaier, Fleet Hotel Director, and nicest guy on Earth, and Francis Riley, VP and General Manager/International.

Fleet Hotel Director, Klaus, again, this time with Denis "Deno" Prguda, Norwegian Breakaway's Hotel Director.  Another truly nice guy (I have sailed with him as HD before), and obviously the best Hotel Director in the fleet...since that's the guy who gets the best postings.

And, finally, Andy and Francis Riley hanging out in the Ice Bar.

So, there you have it.  Did I mention I am boarding in 12 days?