Multi Modal UPDATE

So, I've decided to add one.  I had originally planned to check my luggage at the train station in D.C., rather than lug it all around the town.  But it seems there is only one place to do so, and they are OUTRAGEOUS.  It would cost me around $48 just to leave my one bag there for the day.

On the other hand, just outside the door of Union Station is Bike and Roll, a bicycle rental that will rent me a bike for $32 AND STORE MY LUGGAGE!

So, instead of walking, I'll be doing a bike tour of our nations capitol.  The bikes come with a lock, so I'll be able to get off and go in the Smithsonian and whatnot.  Kind of excited about it, actually, because the Lincoln Memorial and back is about the walking range from Union Station.

On a bike, I can probably get around the Tidal Basin to the Jefferson Memorial, and then continue on to the Anacostia River, which has a nice bike trail all the way up to Anacostia Park.

One of the downsides of long distance train travel is the cooped up feeling.  Even though you can get up and walk around the train, and it's vastly superior to being on an airplane, after 22 hours or so, getting out and putting in 10 or 15 miles on a bike will be nice.

Now I'm just crossing my fingers there's not a blizzard or worse in Chicago, so I can get out and walk around while I'm there.

But, now the transportation goes:  car, commuter train, bus, airplane, Uber, train, bike, train, train, car,


CruiseWorld 2014 and My Multi-Modal Transportation Adventure

It's just about 6 weeks til I make my way to Fort Lauderdale for CruiseWorld 2014.  The current plan is to catch a ride by car to Rancho Cucamonga, jump on the MetroLink rail to Union Station, grab a bus to LAX and fly to Ft Lauderdale.  The return trip, starting the 8th of November, will entail a cab to the Amtrak station in Fort Lauderdale to get on the Silver Meteor to Washington, D.C., spend the day wandering around the Smithsonian, then the Capitol Limited to Chicago for another day of walking about and finally the Southwest Chief from Chicago to Victorville, which should get me home about 4:30 am on the 12th.  So...car, train, bus, airplane, taxi, taxi, train, train, train, car.

Sadly, none of the trip is by boat, or I really would have all the bases covered.

In the middle there, I will be staying 3 days in Fort Lauderdale and attending my favorite travel conference.  This is the one put on by NorthStar Publishing (Travel Weekly and Travel Age West).  Several days of meetings and seminars, some of the best trainers in the industry, as well as the CEO's and other executives of most of the major cruise lines, and an afternoon expo with a couple hundred suppliers putting their travel wares on display.

 And this year, not just attending, but presenting one of the break out sessions, and participating in a panel thang as well.  I am not sure what possessed me to volunteer for this gig, but there you go!  I have spent the last few weeks putting together what I hope will be a fantastic set of powerpoint slides, outlined my thoughts, recorded it a few times...so I am as ready as I can be, I suppose.

Here's a thing you may not know about me:  I have a serious love/hate relationship with public speaking and performing.  With a band, it's not too bad, because you have the other members up there with you.  Performing solo is just nerve wracking.  And public speaking (and I know, I've done plenty.  From daily meetings with 12 or 15 sales people to speaking to a crowd of 50,000 at Jack Murphy stadium, back in the day), is about the same...I am a bundle of nerves for days beforehand.  BUT (and this is the big BUT), the rush once you get started, and find your groove, is better than any drug.  And getting the positive feedback afterwards, finding out you've actually touched people in some way?  Awesome!

I know I'll be having nightmares of standing in front of the class with no pants on, or being lost and unable to get to my appointment.  It goes with the territory.  And after enough times, when you wake up from those, you can remind yourself that you're going to love it, once you get started.


and, of course, I'll be daily posting about the whole adventure here, if you want to tag along.


CruiseWorld, Fort Lauderdale, Nov 5 - 9/2014

So I am going to be a speaker at CruiseWorld this year!  Kinda stoked about it.

CruiseWorld is one of the larger travel trade shows, sponsored by NorthStar Media (Travel Weekly and Travel Age West).

It is several days of big name speakers like cruise line CEO's,  breakout sessions conducted by industry veteran speakers, a convention floor with dozens of supplier booths, and ship inspections at nearby Port Everglades.

And one morning, a series of sessions they call "peer to peer" training.  In other words, working travel agents sharing their experience and strength on some particular aspect of the business. I am humbled and honored someone thinks I have something to contribute.  And really looking forward to it.