Discovery Channel on Norwegian EPIC - UPDATE

I asked an NCL VP about this last week, and he said if he told me, he'd have to kill me.  My latest info is that they are doing a show about "MEGA-SHIPS", scheduled to air in July or August.  So, I am guessing they are, or have been, aboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis OTS and/or Allure OTS, and the Cunard Queen Mary 2...can't think what else, right now.

The funny part of this is I remember my very first cruise on the Carnival Tropicale.  It was billed as a MEGA-LINER, in those days.  It was all of 46,000 tons.  At the time the largest ship in service was Norwegian Cruise Lines SS NORWAY (which I sailed on in 1987), which I believe tipped the scales at 70,000tons.  Nowadays you have to get to 150,000 to be considered a contender. lol


The Splendorous Ocassion 2/19/11

Got my confirmation today.  Sadly, for some reason, they don't want to let me take a guest.  So, I zipped a message to John Heald, Carnival's Cruise Director Extraordinnaire.  He is forwarding it to The Beards, to see if he can fix it.  Since, you know, me and John go way back to that 42 seconds we spoke on the West Coast Inaugural of the Carnival Splendor.  It's good to have friends.

Oh, well, however it turns out, it should be a fun night.  The Splendor is one of my favorite ships, and for a while there, nearly a second home.  When they brought her to the West Coast, towards the end of March 09, I was on the 2-day Inaugural, as I said, earlier.  And then, towards the end of May the whole Swine Flu in Mexico panic happened, and they changed to a Canada run, and prices dropped thru the floor, so I took my brother up to Canada.  A couple weeks later, in early June of that year, I was scheduled to take my neice and nephews on a 4 day to Mexico, and they let me opt out of that, because of the Swine Flu - and it turns out it only cost me another $100 to turn a 4 day into a 7 day on the Splendor...so off I went again.  Canada twice in one summer! 

And the Carnival Splendor 3 times in 10 weeks.

I also had clients on her last cruise, the one with the engine room fire.  I must say, Carnival handled that very well, and my clients were satisfied with the response from Carnival.  And, now, after several months in the yard, she is coming back into service.  YAY! 

So, I can't wait to get on, and check her out, and see if everything is still as pink and delicious as she was before!

Stay tuned, and I will let you know. 

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DISCOVERY Channel on Norwegian EPIC

Just heard from a friend the Discovery Channel is onboard NCL's Norwegian EPIC this week.  Not sure what they are taping for, but I will keep you posted as I find out.