Breaking Down The Breakaway, ENTERTAINMENT

Okay, so we did dining last week, let's move on to Entertainment.  Norwegian has always been strong on entertainment, and the EPIC really raised the bar, with Blue Man Group and Cirque, etc.  So, now what?

First - let's go with those entertainment options that are a reprise of other ships - Epic introduced Howl at the Moon Dueling Piano Bars to cruising.  Two musicians (sometimes three), two pianos (and sometimes drums), and a playlist as long as your memory.  Seriously, between them, the Howl at the Moon pianists seem to know EVERY song ever written.  Sit back and listen...sing along...make requests...this is your basic Piano Bar on steroids.  And I love me some piano bar.  If you look at some of my earlier Norwegian reviews, you will see I consistently bemoaned the lack of a piano bar on NCL.  I actually cruise Carnival FOR the piano bar.  When I saw the Howl at the Moon show on EPIC, I was blown away.  This show is several nights a week at the Headliners Comedy Club venue.  I have no doubt the show on Breakaway will be every bit as good as the one on EPIC.

Next we have Second City Comedy Troupe.  As I am sure you know, nearly every comedian in the last 50 years has come thru Second City.  Reaching all the way back to Joan Rivers and Peter Boyle and up til today's Tina Fey and  Jason Sudeikis, about a million funny people later.  Onboard they do a variety of shows, some small stage improv in Headliners, family and adult, a bigger show in the main theater, and on some ships, a Murder Mystery Lunch.  Exactly what they will be doing on Breakaway, I don't know...but I do know it will be funny.  Mostly.  Because that's the joy of improv...sometimes it's hilarious, and sometimes it just lays there, and you never know from minute to minute what it'll be!

Another repeat from EPIC will be Fat Cats Jazz and Blues Club, and YES!!! it will be opened by none other than Slam Allen.  For those of you who don't know, Slam Allen has quite the blues pedigree...besides his band on the EPIC, he is the lead singer and guitarist for the James Cotton Blues Band.  And if that's not ringing any bells, Cotton was the harmonica player for both Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters.  And if THAT doesn't mean something...don't bother going to Fat Cats.  Slam Allen Blues Band carries on that electric blues tradition and adds a soul touch that is all his own.  Definitely worth a listen.  Unless you're dead inside.  Even then it might be worth a little of your time.  I guaran-damn-tee you can't listen to a set and sit still.  That music will MOVE YOU!

And, finally, a sort-of-holdover:  Cirque Dreams and Dinner, Jungle Fantasy.  The same premise as Cirque on EPIC - a set dinner and cirque-type acts, in the round and under a big top.  But an entirely new show, with different acts, costumes, and lighting, so, even if you've seen the other, it should be new enough to merit a second shot.

And now...the moment you've all been waiting for....

WHAT'S NEW?  I'll tell you what's new...how about FIREWORKS?  Yep, every week, there will be a fireworks show onboard.  Back in the SpiceH2O area, at the conclusion of the big deck party (I am, personally, confused as to whether it will be the White Hot night or the 80's night...but I will let you know, when I know).  Either way, what a kickass finish to one of Norwegians awesome late-night deck parties!  I really am looking forward to, not one, but two of these, between the preInaugural and the Inaugural Bermuda cruise!

Oh, and that's not all...they also have BURN THE FLOOR, a sexy and sizzling dance show based on the Broadway hit of the same name.  Kind of a "modern ballroom" thing, with new variations on old classic dances.  And besides a big show in the main lounge, they will be performing more intimate stuff on the dance floor of the Manhattan Room - you can even join in, if you'd like!  Oh, and the dancers will also be around the ship during the day doing various dance and exercise classes.  Not a big dancer, myself, but it might be cool to take a Rumba class in the morning, and dazzle 'em with my skills after dinner in the Manhattan Room...you never know.  Yeah, you know what...never mind...I am too old, too fat and too white to entertain these fantasies.

And, finally...the big one:  ROCK OF AGES.  The Broadway show with a thin plot about a small town girl and a boy from South Detroit (sound familiar?), set on Hollywood's Sunset Strip in 1987.  Again, the plot is just window dressing for some hard core 80's tunage!  Songs from Journey, Poison, Jefferson Starship...lot's of big vocals and bigger hair.  Denim and bustiere's.  Fishnet stockings and cool mirrored shades.  I CAN'T WAIT. lol.  And, since Norwegian isn't some other cruise lines, the musicians will actually be playing and the singers will actually be singing.  I am already picking my wardrobe for the big 80's Party after the show...

So, that about rounds up the big entertainment you'll have onboard the Norwegian Breakaway.  And, if you are wondering, YES, yes I do still have a couple of cabins available for the Bermuda Inaugural, May 12th, and group space on every single sailing her first season...all you gotta do is call!  760.265.3687