Carnival Paradise

just got back from a 4 day Baja Mexico with my brother on the Carnival Paradise. Found a price I couldn't refuse, and I am taking a group on this boat in July of 09 for my Santa Fe High School 30th Class Reunion, so I thought I should check it out.
I have been on pretty much all of the Fantasy Class ships, and they have aged surprisingly well. This being the last, or second to last, one built, it is in great shape. While it has not yet undergone the "Evolutions of Fun" treatment, they HAVE upgraded the bedding, with better mattresses and pillows, and duvets instead of blankets/bedspreads. VERY MUCH AN IMPROVEMENT.
This being my home port I have been on a half dozen 4 day Baja's with Carnival on several different ships. The stop in Catalina, being a tender port, we spent on-board (tendering in a wheelchair is just not that fun, unless it is a super port). We had a great day just hanging out by the pool and indulging in the buffet, which has been upgraded as well. For a Mass Market line, Carnival has great food. We did get off in Ensenada, took a lift equipped bus downtown for a buck a piece and walked around for a few hours, bought some cheesy souvenirs for the niece and nephews, and hung out in a bar eating tacos and having a beer. Good times.
Wheelchair accessibility is good, given the age of the ship - with just a few tight corners, doorway thresholds, etc. And no dedicated wheelchair seating in the main theater, although there was room to slide up to a table, and we went to all the shows.
The cabin was adequate. Carnival has both "wheelchair accessible" staterooms, which are purpose built, very roomy and a great bathroom set up. They also, on the older ships, have "modified" cabins, which are the same size as the regular (fortunately their standard cabins are much larger than all the other mass market lines, like RCCL), but have barrier free showers, no lip into the bathroom and wider bathroom and hallway doors. The design is such that it is a little awkward to get a shower chair in the shower, but once there, it works great. And with two of us, plus a chair that doesn't fold, the floorspace is pretty much covered. On the other hand, the only time we are in their together is at night, so it works out okay.
Anyway, we had a great time, this cruise is an old standby, but easy and comfortable, and I think I have all the information I need for my big 30th Reunion.