Norwegian EPIC - In a Studio. Finally!

Okay, so I booked another cruise.  Finally, after two cruises on the Norwegian EPIC (the pre-inaugural in July, 2010, and a 7 day Western Caribbean in December of 2010), I am going to try out the STUDIOs!

Ever since the inaugural, I have been intrigued by the whole Studio Complex idea.  So far, the only one of it's kind, it is 128 staterooms specifically designed for the Solo traveler. It is a seperate, keycard access only area of the ship, and has it's very own (also exclusive) lounge area, known as The Living Room.  The Living Room has a bar in the evening and coffee/continental breakfast in the morning.  A really nice, casual area where solo travelers can meet up and hang out with other solos.

The Studios have been a major hit for Norwegian.  Cabins specifically designed and priced for the solo traveler (meaning no single supplement) are almost non-existent in the industry.  An entire complex of them is totally unique.  And so successful, the new Breakaway and Getaway (scheduled for delivery in 2013 and 2014) both have a Studio Complex.

So, yeah...I'll be getting onboard November 24th, and taking another 7 day, but this time Eastern Caribbean cruise.  Port calls are St Maarten, which I last visited in 2009, St Thomas, which I have not been to in forever, it seems, and Nassau, Bahamas.  Not a really great itinerary (no monkeys, like Honduras on the Western), but...WHO CARES?  I am on a boat!

I also have everything in place with all my friends at Norwegian, so we'll see if the VIP treatment is as awesome as my last few Norwegian cruises.

There will also be 50 or so fellow travel agents, from the NCL U Ewes Facebook Group that I co-administer with a couple friends.  Many of them I have cruised with before, and  a few I have been wanting to  cruise with. 

Oh, and I found another slamming airfare deal with Virgin America, my favorite airline...just to get the vacation off to a good start.

So...just a heads up, my friends - as always, I will be posting daily from onboard the ship, and keep you posted on every pointless detail!