Breaking Down The Breakaway - ACCOMODATIONS

Wow...where to start?  The Breakaway accomodations range from single-occupancy, thru the basic inside/oceanview/balcony/minisuite, all the way to the Deluxe Owners Suite, over 1000 square feet of luxury, located in the Haven.

So, let's try this:  I will save the two seperate key card access areas (The Studios and The Haven) for last.  Let's go thru the more standard stateroom types:

First off are a goodly number of inside cabins.  At 161 sf, pretty standard insides.  Located throughout the ship, with some specially designated "Family Insides" located in close proximity to the Youth and Kids Program areas.  While they are pretty small, from the look of the renderings, the decor is light and spacious looking, with several feature to maximize storage, and indirect lighting, which also helps them feel bigger.  Like all Norwegian's staterooms there is a mini-fridge.  I can't get an answer on coffee makers.  One of the little touches that mean a lot to some people (me, for instance), is putting coffee makers in all their staterooms.  I probably won't die if they've dropped this, but I hope they haven't.

Next are the Ocean View Staterooms.  Back again.  The Norwegian EPIC had zero ocean view rooms.  everything was either inside or had a balcony.  I thought it was a great idea.  But apparently demand is higher than we all thought for a room with a window.  And, yes, I am totally devoted to balconies, myself, but I would prefer an ocean view to an inside.  While you can't step out into the ocean air, you can at least get some natural light in the room.  And with a price point between the claustrophobic inside and the loverly balcony, I guess it hit's some peoples' sweet spot. The ocean view staterooms on Norwegian Breakaway are the same size and configuration as the insides, only with a large picture window over the bed.  Located mostly on Deck 5 down low, and forward on the upper decks.  Again, the decor is a lot of beige with dark wood accents, to make them bigger feeling.  That is pretty consistent throughout the staterooms...as is the indirect lighting.  All of them have the feel of a boutique hotel.

There is also a totally new Family Ocean View stateroom category.  Located on Deck 5, these have, besides the large window, a small sitting area with couch and a BATHTUB.  I assume for those who prefer to bathe their kids than shower them.  Nice touch, for families.

Now, the balconies:  All over the ship, and including aft-facing, standard, and family balconies, as well as Spa Balconies and Large Balconies.  Basically all the same cabin, with the aft-facing difference obvious, the family balconies in an area close to the Youth and Kids program areas and the Large balconies having balconies that are approximately twice as deep as the standard.  These are over the outdoor eating areas on The Waterfront.  When I first saw "Large Balcony" I was kind of excited.  But now I've figured out where they are, I am witholding judgement.  It seems to me noise COULD be a problem, if you are trying to relax on your super great, deep balcony, and there is a drunken dinner party going on below your feet.  Again, I don't know...but I am sure I will hear...and let you know.

The other "different" balconies are the Spa Balconies.  These are all on Deck 9, adjacent to the Spa, with private access and complimentary Thermal Suite access.  They also have a slightly different, more "tranquil" decor, with lighter woods and more neutral, earth tone accents.

Now, just to be clear - Norwegian has abandoned the Wave staterooms I, personally, loved on the EPIC.  Back to straight lines.  The point on the Wave was to put the beds in the recess, to maximize space in the cabin.  That thought has carried through, only with squared edges.  Every balcony stateroom has a recess where the bed is, which is, obviously, and indent in the cabin next door.  So, they still have this deal where every other balcony has the bed by the sliding door and the couch by the bathroom, while the adjacent cabin has the bed by the bathroom and the couch out by the sliding door.  I think the consensus opinion is the bed by the door on EPIC is preferable, and it seems to me that will be the case here.  With the bed by the bathroom, it's also awfully close to the closet, and filling that whole length.  We'll find out in a few weeks, but I am guessing bed by the slider and couch by the closet is just a more natural flow.  Also the bathrooms are back to traditional sink, toilet, shower in a seperate room, rather than the split plan that debuted on EPIC.  Personally, I never had a problem with that, but I know a lot of people did, so Norwegian probably made the right call to go back to what people are used to, rather than continue to beat their head against the wall.  All the balcony staterooms come in at 226square feet

Next up are the MiniSuites.  MiniSuites on the Breakaway are basically the same as the balconies, but most of them are 269sf, the difference being a bigger bathroom with a full tub.  Like the Balcony staterooms, MiniSuites come in standard, large balcony, family and spa varieties, with the differences being the same as the balconies with similar designations.  The only big difference is the Aft Facing MiniSuites on Deck 10, which come in at a huge 336sf, due to a truly ginormous aft facing balcony.

So, that's the Mini's.  And the Balconies.  And the Ocean Views and the Insides.  Now, let's get to the two areas that are unique to Norwegian Cruise line, that really set them apart from every other mainstream line: 

The Studios and The Haven.

Both of these are key-card access only areas, meaning only people staying there can get in.  One, the Studio is specifically designed for Solo Travelers, and the other, The Haven is for those looking for a true 5 Star luxury cruise experience.  Both, then are "ships within a ship", giving those who stay there some special areas that set them apart, while also allowing them to utilize all the entertainment, dining options, etc that you could never get on a smaller ship designed just for those types of travelers.

THE STUDIO:  A reprise of the EPIC's wildly successful concept.  A group of cabins specially and specifically designed for Solo Travelers.  Now, Solo doesn't necessarily mean Single and Horny.  Although there is one on every cruise.  Seriously, I stayed in the Studio on EPIC and it was awesome.  My co-Solo travelers ranged in age from 20's to 70's, balanced between men and women, brand new cruisers and veteran world travelers.  The cabins themselves are tiny, but very well laid out.  It's amazing what you can do with 100 square feet if you put your mind to it.  And anyone who has sailed on private yachts will feel right at home.  And, besides those cabins, there is a common area, called The Living Room, or The Lounge, depending who you talk to.  There is a continental breakfast every morning, a bar at night, big screen TV's, sitting areas, and FRESH COOKIES all the time, almost.  It's a great place to hang out and talk and work on your blog, and every evening there is a casual pre-dinner get together where the concierge helps people who want to dine as a group, and people just have a drink and make plans.  A couple of nights there is something special going on.  On the EPIC, the magician came in one evening and did a great little show of close-up magic, a totally different animal than the kind of show he has to do in a big theater.  I also pitched the idea to the Legends Jimmy Buffett impersonator, and I am pretty sure he's in there every week now, doing a little acoustic set.  Again, it's a great little "ship within a ship" community that develops.  Almost like being on a cruise with only 100 people.  But a ship that small could never have the pools and 12 restaurants and Blue Man Group or Burn the Floor.  So, it's the best of both worlds, and a concept worth carrying on.

I do notice that the Studio is more compact on the Breakaway, which is great, because my only complaint was a loooooong walk down a couple hallways from my Studio in the very aft all the way to the Living Room.

THE HAVEN:  Again, a "ship within a ship", only more complete than the Studio, because the Haven also has it's own lounge, restaurant, pool, jacuzzi, sun deck, and thermal suite.  All accessible only to those staying in the Haven, located at the top of the ship, on Deck 15 and 16, and a few large suites scattered elsewhere about the ship.  I had the privelege of eating in the Haven Restaurant on EPIC, and it was truly two or three steps above any other restaurant on the ship.  And it's complimentary for those in the Haven.  Again, it would be kind of like sailing on a luxury small ship, with maybe 300 passengers.  Except a ship that small couldn't have all the dining rooms, bars, lounges, entertainment, etc, available on the Breakaway.  So, while you could quite easily never leave the Haven on a 7 day cruise...you'd still be missing a lot if you don't.

A total of 7different suites have access to the Haven.  These are Deluxe Owners Suites, 1,022 square feet including a bedroom with king size bed, seperate dining and living room area, two bathrooms, the master having a whirlpool tub and seperate shower.  The Suite also has dramatic floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom and the living/dining area.  And a wraparound balcony about a mile long.
Then you have the Owners Suites.  A mere 624 square feet, with most of what the Deluxe has, only a single bathroom, a little more compact living/dining area.  But including the floor to ceiling windows and wraparound balcony.

Next are the 2 bedroom Family Villas.  603 square feet.  The master suite has a king size bed and giant bathroom with all the windows.   Living/Dining area with a balcony, and a small room with sleeper couch and upper bunk, as well as a TV and seperate bathroom for the kids.  Accomodates up to 6 with the couch in the living room folded out..

The Courtyard Penthouse is 366sf, with a king bed, love seat and small dining table, with a large bathroom with shower or tub, and a large balcony.

The Aft Facing Penthouse Balcony is a two room, 548sf, with all the goodies, plus 1 and a half baths, and a balcony over looking the stern.

The Forward Facing Penthouse with Balcony comes in at 452sf, with seperate bed/bath and living/dining areas as well as a large balcony.  While the penthouse faces forward, I believe the balconies are to the sides of the ship.  Because a balcony on the front of a ship is about worthless when you are under way.

And, finally, The Haven Spa Suite with Balcony is only 366 sf, all one room, but with the spa decor, private access to the Mandara Spa, and a jacuzzi right in the room.

Those last three categories are all located outside the actual Haven Complex, but your key will get you in to use all the Haven Amenities.