so, I bought a new bluetooth keyboard to use with my Droid Razr.  My netbook took a dump on me after 3 years.  I didn't really want to replace it, as my phone does everything it does....EXCEPT the keyboard.  So, I'm gonna try this combo.  So far, I like it.  $60 for a Belkin bluetooth keyboard.  Its the same size as the netbook keyboard (about 90% of a standard full size computer keyboard).  I am used to the size.  The "feel" is pretty good.  The only problem I have had so far is inadvertently unpairing when I reach up to backspace.  And reading on the phone is not the easiest, as the type is pretty small (and when I increase the zoom, it just keeps typing offscreen, which is not at all helpful).  But those are minor issues.  I'll get used to it, I am sure.
My biggest concern is battery life, both on the phone and on the keyboard.  The board runs on 3 AAA batteries.  Supposedly the keyboard has a 'sleep' function to prevent using up the batteries.  As long as they last more than a week of daily use, I'll be okay.  This whole thing is mostly to use while doing "live from the..." series' when I am cruising.  The other thing is how much extra juice the bluetooth draws from the phone.  I haven't used any bluetooth devices with the RAZR, but battery life is already an issue...
Anyway, I am hoping this whole thing works out, and I guess we'll all know when I get on the Norwegian Breakaway in May for the Bermuda Inaugural.