NCL Going Back To Paper Doc's...Sort of

Of all the things that have changed in the Cruise Industry over the last few years, the one that get's the most gripes from long-time cruisers has to be "e-docs". The move away from paper tickets to e-docs, a pure cost-cutting move, may seem like a small thing to many.

But some of us, who have been cruising since the (in my case) early 80's recall with fondness the days of waiting for the mailman to deliver your cruise documents, so you could skip, hop and be-bop back to the house, pulling out your tickets, and luggage tags, and contract with all the fine print, and the Frequently Asked Questions flyer, etc. There is even a name for it: The Doc Dance. Somehow that envelope made the whole thing real. You were going on a C-R-U-I-S-E!!!!

Well, finally, one cruise line which had gone to e-docs, has heard us! NCL, while still retaining, technically, e-docs (you have to check in online and print out a boarding pass), is introducing their "Welcome Aboard" booklet.

Like old school paper docs, the new Welcome Aboard booklet has your Ship and Itenerary, Guest Name, Stateroom #, reservation # and Travel Agents name personalized on the front cover. Then there are several pages of boilerplate on things to know before you board, how to pack, dress code, etc. The middle pages list excursions specific to your itenerary, along with two pages of detachable luggage tags, a couple more pages on on-board amenities and such and the final page with a deck plan of your specific ship.

Such a small thing, and yet, it was "just like the good old days" when I pulled mine out of the mailbox today, for my Mexican Riviera Cruise aboard the Norwegian Star, November 7th. So, hats off to Norwegian Cruise Lines!!!

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