Carnival Splendor, DAY FIVE

So....Seattle wasn't quite ready for cruise ships...I had plans to meet my neice for lunch at a place 600' from the pier. Alas, we were sent to the OTHER pier.

When I looked out from my room, just before they started letting people off the boat, there were at least 50 cabs waiting, so I figured "no problem". I can just go down, have one of the cabbies radio for a ramp van, and we'll be on our way. Between then and when people actually got off the boat, the port authorities made all the cabs move to a different location. Most of them decided to go to the airport. ;-}

When cabs finally started showing up, after multiple calls from disgruntled passengers standing in the cold and damp, none of them would make a call, so I called dispatch and requested a van. Then I waited about an hour...then I called back, and they actually got all the relevant information...then I waited another half hour...then I called back again, and found out that Yellow operates a total of 6 ramped vans in all of Kings County (and it's a pretty good sized county), and they had not yet matched me up with an available van...after ANOTHER half an hour in the cold and damp, I gave up, called my neice and had her come to our pier and pick us up (could have done that ahead of time, but I really didn't think I would need transportation, based on what I was told as to where we would be docking.

Anyway, it ended up a nice lunch hour with Andrea, got caught up, and gossiped about all the family that wasn't there, etc., and then headed back to the ship

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