Carnival Splendor, day FOUR

keeping it short and sweet today....Victoria was 47degrees and raining...not really "vacation" weather for me. We stayed on the ship, cruised around the decks a few times, got in a nice afternoon nap, watched a James Taylor concert on the Big Screen by the pool, and had a nice dinner.

After dinner, and half a basketball game, I headed down to the promenade deck to see what was going on...amazingly both the Casino and the Piano Bar were closed on the same night...fortunately there was a good guitar player out on the promenade, listened to him for a while...the band in the back lounge was okay, but not my style, and the karaoke bar was SRO all night...finally gave up and headed to the Sports Bar to watch the Lakers kick some Rocket butt...that was fun as the bar filled up for the second half...

Seattle was good and bad, and I will tell the tale tomorrow...

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