Carnival Splendor...Day ONE

Okay so far. Got to the port about 12:00, after a brief detour through Los Angeles (no, it's not really on my way, from Hesperia, to Long Beach, but stuff happens).
Zipped thru the line, onboard by 12:30, and a room service lunch by 1:30...Steve was a bit tired from the drive, so he chilled in the room, while I took a walk around and determined the Splendor hasn't changed since I last sailed her, all of 5 weeks ago.

The room is very cool. We are in a 4G, which is sold as an inside cabin but has a window. The window looks out over a walkway, and there is no view of the ocean with out standing on tiptoes, but it does let in light and blue sky. It's a triangular shape, with the bathroom at the base, so the main part of the room is an "L" shape, with two beds at the bottom, and the closet/vanity/fridge/tv along the right as you walk in....very nice flow, actually, with the wheelchair. I have a bunch of pics and will post them when I get home.

So, we sailed off at 5:30 after the Meditation...oops, I mean Muster Drill. Met three people from the Cruise Critic Roll Call...no one else showed up. Just me, Steve, Tycruiser and his friend, and Bacardibatgirl.

Anyway, after the M&G we went to dinner. The usual...I had a steak, it was okay, Steve did the Tilapia...I should have as well...

After dinner we walked around a bit, hit the casino, lost a little money, and Steve was ready for bed. I went on down to say "HI" to Ron Pass at the Piano Bar and stayed til 1am...great bunch there...11 family members from Montana, a nice couple from Australia and 3 ladies from Arkansas...As I suspected, some people on the ship are just trying to make the best of it, as they could not change their plans when the itenerary change came along, but an awful lot of us booked in the last 3-4 days, and are just loving life and Carnival and cheap cruising.

We finally hit some waves about 2am, the ship was rocking and rolling pretty good, but this morning it was dead calm and foggy. Now, we are hitting the Monterey Peninsula and she is once again moving pretty good. The biggest downside to that cabin right on the bow...but, oh well.

We are supposed to be getting into San Francisco about two p.m. I can't wait to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge...


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