Carnival Splendor, 7day San Francisco, Seattle, Victoria

Okay, so one of the nice things about media hysteria, is the price of cruising goes down...I just booked me and my brother on this 7 day cruise to Canada at a stupid-low price...A personal thank you to the CDC for causing the cruiselines to pull out of Mexico!!!

Seriously, I have no particular desire to see Victoria, I have family in and around Seattle, and I can get to San Francisco a lot easier by car or airplane, and do so fairly regularly.

But with all the hoopla, I have an opportunity to take a 7 day cruise for $250...I don't care if it's sailing into a hurricane at that price.

And the Carnival Splendor, which I was just on in March, is a great ship, as I reported at the time.

So, Bro and I are looking forward to some nice sea days with the Magradome closed so it stays warm, some wonderful cuisine in the dining room, and all that great buffet food, which on the Splendor includes a Burrito Bar, Fish 'n Chips, Indian Tandoori, along with all the usual burger grill, pizza and deli lines...

And this time, unlike my 2 day in March, the Casino will be open! Maybe Lady Luck will smile...it wouldn't take much of a jackpot to pay for the cruise. :-}

Also, Ron Pass, one of the better Piano Bar guys with Carnival is still onboard, and we just love a good piano bar.

Anyway, I am leaving Sunday, the 3rd of May, and will probably be posting from the ship, so...
Stay Tuned

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