Carnival Splendor, Day SIX and SEVEN

Ended the cruise with two days at sea. Heading south the seas calmed and it got progressively warmer, until finally it was warm enough (almost) to try out the waterslide.

Spent most of the two days running around the ship with some new friends, playing Trivia contests and Digital Scavenger Hunts, hanging in the Piano Bar with Ron Pass, the best Piano Man in the Carnival Fleet, and eating...did try the Burrito Bar, the Mongolian BBQ, the Deli, the Tandoori and the Rotisserie...they were all good to excellent, with the Tandoori still being my favorite, and the Mongolian BBQ pretty good.

Not much else to say, so I will just post the pictures, and you can decide if I had a good time.

I will tell you that I have booked the Splendor again for the 31st of May...so it must have been pretty good!

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