Norwegian Breakaway Bermuda Inaugural, Day 3

After a good nights sleep, I popped out of bed at 6:30 or so and spent an hour and a half writing that brilliant post the world will never see. Thoroughly disgusted, I decided to join the Seminar at Sea folks in a little tour of the ship.  Having been onboard for the pre-inaugural I knew most of it, already, but, whatever...We did get a chance to check out the Ice Bar, which was very cool.  I got some nice pics, which you can find on my Facebook Page or Profile...or I will post them here when I get landside.
After the tour I had a late breakfast at O'Sheehans with a couple of friends.  My usual Country Platter, which is Norwegians take on the classic English (or maybe Irish) breakfast, and one of my favorite things.  It was good as usual.
Following breakfast it was just walking about, stopping in the casino (which is NOT being nice to me), and whatnot until lunch time.
Lunch found me with a couple of other friends.  Actually, one different friend and one same friend.  We went to Savor, and I had the Chicken Milanese again, because it's really good.  And the portobello mushroom and goat cheese appy.  Because it's really good.  I think I've had it four times, now, in five lunches.
Afternoon was more of the same whatnot, and watching the weather steadily deteriorate.
Mid afternoon some stuff arrived at the cabin.  Chocolate strawberries, courtesy of the Hotel Director, and the chocolates I referred to in my last post.  The "KLAUS" truffle plate it shall be known as.  Forever.  Not available in stores.  Although, Norwegian might want to think about a line of signed chocolates by El H.D. di Tutti H.D.s...
One more quick spin thru the casino and it was time to dress for dinner.  Tonite is Cagney's, my former favorite which was replaced by Moderno, my current favorite.  But with a re-worked menu that includes an 18oz Bone In Ribeye, they may retake #1.
But I get ahead of myself.  My pre-prandial ablutions were interrupted by a colleague who just wanted to drop by and check out the balcony, since she is sharing an inside with two others.  I detected a hint of jealousy when she saw the plates of goodies.  And the invite to the Captain's Cocktail Party on Tuesday...and I love making colleagues jealous. So, anyway, she went on her way, I got dressed and headed to Cagney's. 
As I said they have retooled the menu, mostly for the good.  With one glaring exception.  My favorite creamed spinach is no more.  I am sad.  I don't eat creamed spinach as a rule, but I tried it in Cagney's a few years back on a tip, and it was excellent.  So, now I always order it.  Alas...
But, like I said, they added a few things.  I ordered the Shrimp Cocktail, which was perfect, the new Split Pea Soup, which was interesting.  Rather than the thick and hearty porridge most people associate with split pea soup, it was peas in a thin broth, with shreds of pork and a touch of mint.  Honestly, I wasn't sure when I read the menu description, but I decided to try it anyway, and I am glad I did.  It was quite delish.
And then the monster rib-eye steak showed up.  O.M.F.G!!!  You can say 'FABULOOOUUUSSS', but you'd be short changing this piece of prime Angus Beef.  It was like  bloody, buttery Heaven.  As I plowed thru it, I could feel my arteries hardening in gratitude.  We're all prepared to die, now, if necessary.  Truly, the best steak I've eaten in forever.  And I have eaten some steaks.  There were also some sides...the Cagney's Fries were there usual awesome selves, with the truffle oil and parmesan sprinkled on 'em.  And creamed corn, which was okay, but was definitely NOT creamed spinach.  And some roasted mushrooms that just pushed the steak all the way to Nirvana.
So, yeah...major beefgasm accomplished I waddled out of Cagney's and headed to see Burn the Floor.
Interesting show.  Up front:  I am not a dance fan, much.  I watched exactly one season of Dancing With The Stars, because my friend Drew Lachey was competing.  But these dancers were worth a watch.  And the music was excellent.  The female singer was dynamite in a dress.  And the range of styles, from tango to mambo to bossa nova to the dirty boogie was very, very entertaining.  As usual with Norwegian these days the production values were outstanding with actual live musicians and singers, an excellent sound system (which I already knew from Rock of Ages, which is in the same theater), and good lighting and effects. 
After the show, some of us took one more turn in the casino.  I finally hit a little something-something that almost got me even for the day.  So, as I rarely do, I decided to quit while I was, if not ahead, at least not too far behind.
Back down to the cabin for a late night decaf and a smoke, and on to bed, 1ish.
And now, my friends, I am caught up, and so are you.
I will be hear bright and early tomorrow.

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