Breakaway Bermuda Inaugural, Last Day in Bermuda

Okay!  First off I have to say, I love Bermuda.  I can't imagine I went this long and travelled this much, and never made it here.  And I am glad I finally did.  And I really love a 3 day port call.  The chance to just run back and forth from the ship all day and all night is very nice.  And there is more than enough to do here to fill the time.
I got up, had a little breakfast, and then met up with a small group for a bridge tour.  It was originally scheduled for the day before, but got postponed by an emergency drill.  So, we got up to the bridge and the Navigation officer showed us around.  Pretty much the same as other modern bridges I've seen, but it's always cool.  And this time, for the first time, I got to sit in the captains seat. Very cool.  Way more comfortable than the seats in the theater, what with being a cutting edge, ergonomically designed Recaro leather seat and all.
After the bridge tour I wanted to take one more scooter ride before turning it in.  A friend of mine told me she really wanted to find a beach, so we did that.  Past Somerset, wandering thru some neighborhoods until we came upon one last perfect little beach, totally beautiful, totally deserted.  Got some pictures, wiggled her toes in the sand a bit, and then we headed back.  She did me the favor of getting some action video from the back of the scooter.  I haven't had a chance to review it yet, but it should make the final cut better, and give an idea of how exciting these roads can be with the busses and trucks zipping by on one side, and stone walls on the other with little room to spare.
Turned in the scoot, and did my obligatory souvenir shopping for the family back home, got back on the ship and took lunch on the buffet.  It was okay.  Y'all know I am not big on buffets.  Breakaways is good.  But not good enough to change my mind on that.
After lunch I really needed to get online and upload some stuff, including all the video.  So I went back down and did that, and as I was finishing up the staff all came down for the sailaway dancing and stuff.  That was GREAT!  It has become a tradition, I guess, for a bunch of staff and crew to greet passengers on the way back with music and dancing.  They pulled out all the stops yesterday.  Cruise Director Julie and A.C.C. Simon were on stilts, Simon juggling, and about 50 crewmembers lining the walkway.  The DJ was blasting some tunes and everybody was just having a good time.  I hung out for an extra half hour and got some more video.
Went and chilled on the balcony until sailaway.  Went up and watched that, said goodbye to Bermuda, and decided to join a friend for dinner at Shanghai Noodle Bar.  The Singapore noodles were excellent, as were the fried potstickers.  After dinner we hooked up with another friend and went to the casino. OMG is all I can say.  Not an empty seat.  And it wasn't open yet!  Apparently the gamblers don't tolerate three whole days without a fix very well.  And they were NOT moving!  Even when it was announced the casino would not be open for at least 15 minutes, no one moved.  I hung around a little, talking to some folks, but the crowd and noise and aura of desperate finally drove me away. 
Went back to the room and chatted with the roomie a bit until she got ready to go down for Karaoke.  Decided to join her and give a listen.  I have to say the play list for karaoke on this ship is the worst I've ever seen anywhere.  One guy was pretty good, and Crickett was dynamite, as always.  The rest ranged from "meh" to "get off the stage, you're hurting me".
But it was fun.  Stayed til time for the 80's Party.  Went up and changed into the spandex and denim and headed to Spice.  Beautiful weather for this one, unlike Saturday when we were forced into the Atrium and the fireworks were cancelled.  THIS one had it all...and the fireworks were just incredible.  I know Disney has been doing this for a while, but I've never had the experience of fireworks from a ship.  It was great.  Accompanied by a great musical track, the bombs bursting in air, so to speak were a great addition to an already great deck party.
Ended up staying and dancing until I couldn't.  Ended the night chilling on the balcony talking with a friend, recapping the week and deciding it has been a pretty great cruise, overall.
Finally turned in at 2ish, as we have to get up for one more 9am session for the seminar.
and that, my friends, is that.  If you're week has been 1/10th as good as mine, you are lucky indeed.  Talk to you tomorrow!

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