Breakaway Rocks New York City - The End

So, I spent most of yesterday writing what was, no doubt the finest blog post I've ever done.  Pulitzer material.  When I went to save it to check one little trivial factoid, I accidently deleted it.  FML
You'll have to settle for this.  Sorry.
To end the 2 day Rocks New York City, we got up at 7 or so, went and checked my bags at Guest Services, got my new key for the Bermuda Inaugural (a process made infinitely simpler thanks to the intervention of Klaus Lugmaier, Norwegians official Rock Star and now Vice President, who told the folks at the desk I was "family" and to take care of me), and walked on out.  Me and my friend Pat sent our respective roomies off to New Jersey, as neither is staying for the Bermuda run.
We walked on up to Starbucks to grab some overpriced caffeine and free wifi.  Sat there a while catching up on emails, etc.  Decided to head back and get on the ship.  Halfway there she got  a call from one of her agents who was a block behind us, so we waited up for her, and the three of us got to the ship right at 11.  I breezed thru Security and got on board for the Breakaway Bermuda Inaugural!
Which will be in the next post.
So, you know...ciao for now!

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