Breakaway Bermuda Inaugural, Bermuda DAY TWO

After the 4am balcony party I slept til 8:30.  Hung around the ship, had breakfast, blah blah blah.   Couldn't find anyone to join me for a scooter ride.
So I went by myself.  And decided to keep the scooter for 24 hours instead of just 3 or 4.  Best call of the trip.  Took a little test drive into Somerset and back.  About 10 miles.  Came back to the ship for a quick lunch, and then took the grand tour.  The best afternoon on  a cruise since 19-forgotten.
In about 4 1/2 hours I managed to get to the South Shore and over to Hamilton and back.  So many beautiful beaches and little inlets dotted with boats moored.  It seems every couple miles I had to pull over and take a picture.  This really is a beautiful place.  And the people are awesome.  Unlike those 3rd world islands where everybody is hustling everybody every chance they get, when you ask directions here, they just give you directions.  It's nice.
So, yeah, that was the bulk of my day, just getting the wind in my face and dodging busses.  The roads are all very narrow and the busses very wide.  So you really do have to pull over when you see something interesting...cuz when you are on the road you have to be paying attention.
After the afternoon of touring, I came back to the ship to grab a little snack.  One of my friends wanted to take a ride, so we did that.  Just a half hour, to get a taste.
By then it was time to get ready for dinner at LeBistro.  This one was better than I recall from the EPIC.  And Klaus stopped by and chatted for a while.  By the time we finished dinner it was time to sneak into Rock of Ages.  I had just seen it Friday, but it was good the second time too. 
Got out about midnite, went with some friends to O'Sheehan's for a late night snack, talked a while, and a couple of us decided to go for a 1am stroll around the Dockyard.  So we did.
And then it was off to bed, as I have a 9am Bridge Tour.
Sorry this is so short today, but the videos on my youtube channel and Facebook page pics should make up for the lack.  It really was a pictorial kind of day.
Hasta Manana, mi amigos!

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