Going to Tucson for Global Travel Marketplace West!

Just got word that I've been invited to attend Global Travel Marketplace West! 
To quote them "This elite appointment-only event connects the most influential travel agents from the Western states and provinces in North America with global travel suppliers...GTM West travel agents represent the highest producers located in Western North America and must qualify through a meticulous screening process in order to attend."
 It is quite an honor to be selected.  Only about 75 of the top travel agents in the western U.s. and Canada are chosen.
The event includes a couple dozen one-on-one appointments, over two day, with travel suppliers, where I will have a chance to make the kind of contacts that allow me and my agents to provide our customers the best possible information and deals on travel.
This is one of the things that separate Bridges & Holman Worldwide Travel from those big online companies.  And most smaller agencies.  When you need something done, we don't have to find it on a website, or sit on hold with the 800 number - we KNOW someone who we can talk to and get things DONE!

GTM West will be held at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, AZ on May 2-4. 

Many thanks to my friend Jacquie, and all the good people at Travel Weekly for this opportunity.

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