Norwegian Getaway, ULTIMATE GETAWAY, pt III or The Final Chapter

Well, after  a couple nights of, effectively, no sleep, I managed a solid 4.5 hours...up at 8:30 and down to Savor to make a 9am breakfast appointment.  My friends Lisa and Carmen, a guy I'd met way back on the EPIC when he was playing guitar for Roadside Louie in Fat Cats were already there.  My bunkie showed up a few minutes later and we waited for Crickett...who eventually let us know they seated her and her friend on the other side at Taste, rather than let them look around and find us where we were.

Breakfast was corned beef hash, pretty stingy on the corned beef, and a couple eggs, and a surprisingly good biscuits and gravy.  Descended as I am from a Grapes of Wrath Okie family, I know from biscuits and gravy.  I usually avoid ordering them anywhere north of the Mason Dixon Line.  But they did a creditable job.

After breakfast we got our bags and went up to O'Sheehans to watch the silly people standing in line.  Once the line had gone down, we walked off, hopped in the car and were in Newark a half hour later.

But, lest you think the adventure is over....there is one last installment.

See, a month or so ago, they changed the debark time from 8am to 10am.  I originally had a 1pm flight home.  But, when they changed the docking time, and then people kept yapping about the Bud Light Hotel, and SuperBowl traffic and blah, blah, blah...I started getting nervous, and changed it to a 3:50 flight.

So, yeah...I got to EWR at about 11:30.  Ran to the Southwest counter to inquire about getting back on the 1:30 flight I had originally.  But the price had gone up a mere $487 dollars since I purchased my ticket.  I had thought if this happened I would spring $50 for a day pass to the Admirals Club where I hung out last time I had time to kill at EWR.  On my way over to Terminal C from Terminal A I happened upon a very cool sight.  A band setting up in the baggage claim area, and a dude playing a flute.  Thinking to myself, how weird is this? that I would meet and listen to a world class Grammy winning flute player on the cruise, and then run into another in the airport on the way home (since, honestly, I don't know that I have spoken to a flautist since my high school choir director who also played flute on occasion, and I am a musician who has hung out with lots of musicians in the last 40 years).  So I walked up, introduced myself and started talking to him.  He is a New Jersey boy who spent 10 years in LA in the music business before returning to his roots.  Helluva nice guy.  And a pretty good band.  He wanted me to sit in but, frankly, I was dog-tired and not feeling it.  But I did so enjoy listening to them for two hours.  He also did a lot of Latin Jazz-y tunes, and even played a Nestor Torres tune or two.  By the time they broke it down, I just had time to get thru security and board my flight home.

Which were completely uneventful, and I managed to pull in to my driveway at just after midnight.

All in all, it was a brilliant 3 days, from the good seats on the plane heading out, to a great (if somewhat cold) two days on the Norwegian Getaway, to the most pleasant 4 hours I've ever spent in an airport waiting to go home.

Thus ends the tale.

But, one more time...if you are ready to book the Norwegian Getaway...CALL ME.  760.265.3687 or email at daveholman@verizon.net.  I guarantee I can get you a better fare and more amenities than anyone on the planet, including Norwegian Cruise Line!

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