Carnival Miracle, 10/16/13, Puerto Vallarta

Carnival Miracle, 10/16/13, Puerto Vallarta
Good Lord, it's muggy!  By 8 a.m. we were docked and ready to go ashore.  Grabbed the laptop and went in search of wifi, which was, like, right there!  At the restaurant by the Mercado Artesiano.  So I sat down had a cup of coffee and got a little work done.  Then had some chorizo and eggs and got caught up with some friends back home. 
Then decided it was just too hot to walk around much, so I got back on the ship in time for trivia, whereupon I won one more ship on a stick, and a medallion.  So, that's 4 ships in my stick-bound fleet this week.  Grabbed a book and went up to the nearly deserted lido deck and read til lunch time.  Then just decided to take a nap.  By the time I got up for the next trivia, people were starting to come back.  By the time it was over and I headed up to the lido deck for a little iced coffee, the ship was full again and we were heading out to sea.  Rather a short port call.  And tomorrow will be about the same in Cabo.  My cruise staff friend Sarah is telling me it was a bit of a cluster last week as there were not enough tenders.  She assures me this week will go more smoothly.  I hope she is right. 
After watching the sailaway I headed down to read a little more, out on the balcony, and watch the sunset.
Got dressed and went down for dinner.  I was a little early, so I threw another $20 in a poker machine to no avail.  My dinner table was down to the original 3 of us.  I had a "one of each" on the starters...the smoked duck appetizer I always enjoy, a fried shrimp thing that was nice, with a vaguely Thai sauce and cucumber salad garnish, a wilted spinach and portobello mushroom salad that was 'meh', and the "shark and langoustino firecracker roll" which was a tasteless seafood fritter.  For the entree I opted for the seafood Newburgh.  Quite forgettable, all in all.
After dinner I tried in vain to find something interesting, as the piano bar was closed.  There was a deck party on the lido.  Lame.  Korean cover band and a few people dancing.  They were doing Legends tryouts in downstairs.  Equally lame.  So, it seemed a good night to catch up on some sleep.  Hit the rack by midnight, and now it's 7 am, they just announced the tenders are ready to, and I'm heading to Cabo for a bit.

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