Live From the Carnival Inspiration

In about 24 hours I'll be heading to Long Beach to board the Carnival Inspiration.  I will be accompanied by my mother and brother in my aft ocean view, and by my sister and her 3 kids down the hall in their ocean view.  Sure wish the Inspiration had more balconies. But, oh, well...

When I got back from my 9 days on the Norwegian Breakaway in New York and Bermuda, they were all grumpy I didn't take them.  Except the Mom, who thinks she's too old to go anywhere.  So, I booked this one.

It should be a good time.  I've taken the kids to Catalina before on day trips, and we enjoy it.  A golf-cart ride, stop at the Casino and the Arboretum, then cruise the strand and grab a bite to eat and some souvenirs.

Next stop, Ensenada.  Pretty much the same, sans the golf-cart.

The rest of the 4 days will be spent, no doubt, in the pool and the waterslides with the kids during the day, and the casino and piano bar at night.

But come along, and live vicariously thru me as I post daily blog entries and video!  I'm told it's the next best thing to actually cruising yourself.

And if you want to book your own little 4day adventure from LA or MIA or wherever, on Carnival or any other line, give me a call at 760.265.3687.


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