Carnival Inspiration, Day Two - Ensenada

I usually like to keep these posts chronological, but I have to start today with dinner last night.  It was, possibly, the most bizarre meal I've ever experienced on a cruise ship.
It started with arriving to the dining room at 5:45.  It was just the 3 of us, but I had spoken with the other 4, and they were making their way up.  But the hostess refused to seat us until we were all together.  Maneuvering the wheelchair around to get out of line took about 3 minutes.  By the time we got to the back of the (short) line, the other 4 were already standing there.  So, that wasted five minutes.  Then we were seated and served by a crew of whirling dervishes that either had dental appointments at 7 or were bucking for a bonus by turning the table 5 times/night instead of 3.  Seriously, the most common complaint about dinner service is too slow.  I wish these guys would slow down.  I was asked if I was thru with my shrimp cocktail while I still had the last shrimp on the fork.  The dressing for my salad was brought...then the soup...then the salad guy was standing behind me with the salad in hand as I finished my soup.  By the time the entree arrived, several nanoseconds after we were seated, it was getting freeking annoying.  And of course this is Carnival, so we had several photographers interrupting the precious moments we were allowed to eat.  Finally snapped on one of them and told him our religion forbids graven images and I was going to have to kill the next photographer that stopped at our table, in order to protect my soul.  Of course, at that moment asst waiter #7 tried to take my bread plate, while I was still working on my entree.  So I slapped his hand and told him to take a break. 
I think they all finally got the message, and we finished our meal in relative peace and at a normal pace.  The headwaiter even dropped an extra dessert of tiramisu for everyone to share.  I assume as a peace offering.  So, yeah...I am not really in a position to write about the quality of the food, because I don't remember it much.

Anyway...We started our day in a much happier place.  The cat herd was actually lined up and ready to go ashore at 10:30 as planned.  We took a shuttle into town.  The driver, of course, tried to hustle a Bufadora tour, but was a good sport and delivered us right on to the main drag instead of making us cross the highway from the regular shuttle stop.  So that was nice.  We proceeded up the road, me dodging vendors, my sister engaging every single one of them, until we got to Papas & Beer, at which time my brother and I went in to enjoy a drink and nachos and a soccer game whilst the rest of them tried to buy all the cheap crap in Baja.  Twoish, we headed back to the ship with all our crap.  It was a lovely, sunny day, and most of the rest of the day was spent around the pool and the waterslides watching the kids.  And intermittent snacks from the burger grill and the mongolian grill and the deli grill, etc.
This went on til the aforementioned dinner.
After dinner, there is nothing much to do.  Because of the late port call in Ensenada there is no production show.  The casino is closed.  It's the piano guy's day off.  I guess if you don't want to get shitfaced in Hussong's, you're pretty much SOL on this particular night.  Certainly Carnival isn't up for providing alternatives.
Finally found karaoke in the lounge for an hour.  It was good, I guess.  Turned in early.
Tomorrow - Day at Sea.

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