Norwegian Breakaway Inaugural - All Good Things Must End

Sorry, I have been swamped since I got home and never got around to finalizing this series.

So, last day - bummer.  Got up early and New York was back.  Got a few things done with the improved cell reception.  Wandered around saying goodbye to friends and fellow passengers, as well as the wonderful staff and crew.

Then to breakfast at Savor with a couple friends.  The main dining room being open for breakfast on debarkation day is oh, so civilized and nice.  And a lot of people are not aware it's open.  They are all banging into each others carry-on luggage in the buffet and fighting for seats, as I am breaking fast with Eggs Benedict and good company.

But even that delay couldn't prevent the inevitable, and I had to finally drag my carcass off the ship.  Thankfully I had the gold tag Priority debark, so I could just jump off when I felt like it.  So, off the ship, grab my luggage, thru Customs and out on the street haling a cab in about 29 minutes.

I had a lunch date with a friend over on 10th and 50th (Hell's Kitchen-ish).  It was raining.  I got there 20 minutes early, and the place we were meeting was closed, so I did my best to stay dry, and waited for her.  She showed up and our place was still not open, but we spied another sports bar across the street that was open, so we headed over there.  Had a croissant and gabbed.  Then we went to the original location (123 Burgers Shots and Beer).  My charger had died the night before, so I left her there nursing a beer and babysitting my luggage and ran to Rite-Aid to buy a new one.  Then back for some more chat and some chicken wings.  The bartender was a nice young lady, and she recommended the peanut butter wings.  Not bad, actually...though I prefered the spicy garlic.  I had thought to just call a car service from the bar, but, amazingly, every single one in Manhattan was unavailable until after 6pm (I had a 7pm flight).  So, I finally just took my leave, grabbed a cab and got to EWR in time to hang out in the American Airlines lounge for an hour or so.  In an incredibly cool and timely coincidence I had been given a free day pass, from Klout.com, just two days before I started this trip.  Ever so much nicer than sitting in the terminal with hoi polloi.  Hot coffee, fresh fruit, a club soda and free wifi! 

The storms that ravaged Oklahoma on Monday were already building Sunday night, so our plane was an hour late getting to EWR, and we took a trip all the way into Canada to avoid them heading West, so when all was said and done we arrived back to LAX at 1am instead of the original 10:30pm.  I finally arrived home at about 3am and hit the sack.

And thus ends one of the best 10 days I can remember.  I can't wait to do it again!

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