Breakaway Bermuda Inaugural, Final Sea Day

Up early, and over to  a final 9am session with the travel agents.  This included perhaps the most embarassing  Q&A session I have ever had the burden of sitting thru.  Some of the people who call themselves travel agents are idiots.  Most of them are not really travel agents at all, but idiots who, for a few dollars, join greedy shyster host agencies, in order to get cheap personal travel.  That's the only thing that can explain what I saw.  "Travel Agents", honest to God, right in front of me and the rest of the world, referring to the MUSTARD DRILL.  You know, that's a joke amongst me and my friends, referring to certain K-Mart Kruisers.  But I actually heard it, live, in person.  And a lady who didn't know the purpose of those plastic things between you and the food in the buffet (on ships or the Golden Corral).  Yeah, lady...that's a sneeze guard...it's not there to piss you off, and get between you and your food...really...
Anyway, so amongst everything else I spent a part of the rest of my day tracking down some of the fabulous employees who had given up a part of their day to help us learn something, only to be disparaged, attacked, and had their time wasted by the uber-ignorant.
After that we were free to wander around the rest of the day.  My wanderings included a trip to O'Sheehans for lunch, another attempt at both the Slot Tournament and the Blackjack Tournament.  Both wasted efforts.  And then a bit of a lie-down, as the whole week was catching up to me and making me feel old before my time.
Met a couple colleagues at Moderno, the Churrascaria.  Lately, my favorite Norwegian alternative dining choice, though, after this week, I think Cagney's has regained the top spot.  That 18oz ribeye was kind of wonderful.  On the other hand, Moderno has a dozen different kinds of meat, all wonderful, and I am sure I had more than 18oz altogether.  Plus, it's only $20 instead of $30 at Cagneys.  Imma have to get back to you on which is my favorite...
Anyway, so, yeah -  Great salad bar, with such goodies as genoa salami and sopressata, and bleu and Stilton cheese, and kalamata olives and marinated palm hearts and mushrooms and asparagus...oh, and a little lettuce and dressing and such, so it qualifies as a salad bar.  It's really more of a deli line...
And then on to the meats!!!  Chicken breast wrapped in bacon, chicken legs marinated in lime juice, sausage from Spain flavored with parmesan, chorizo from portugal.  Beef ribs sliced thin, pork ribs served whole, double lamb chops, sirloin and filet mignon with different seasonings.  I know I am missing something.  Oh, and grilled pineapple in between to freshen your palate and allow you to savor each meat as it comes along.  And with sides of white rice, black beans, garlic mashed potatos and fried sweet bananas.
My and my friend waddled out after a Papaya Cream desert and ran into another friend who had just come from La Cucina and complained of feeling fat.  She got zero sympathy from us.
So, the three of us waddled up to the balcony for a post-prandial smoke and gab session, until karaoke.  Tonites karaoke was marginally better than the previous night, but it didn't matter.  I wasn't going to the casino again for both financial and crowd avoidance reasons.
After karaoke it was time for The Quest.  Rain forced it from the Spice area to the Atrium.  Which also made it impossible to keep the sub18 crowd away, so some of the edgier challenges were modified or replaced by (sightly) more family friendly ones.  But it didn't matter, cuz my teammates were on fire!  Having done a few of these in the past, we had all the things we thought we might need already out on the table, shoes untied, shirts untucked and ready to come off, etc.  Oh, and the odd bra laying about, just in case.  That sort of thing.  Of course we won, and I am the proud owner of yet one more LED light/keychain!  WooHoo!  Yay, ME!
After Quest it was up to O'Sheehans for a late coffee and then frankly, time to pack and go to bed.  So I did.
And that's all for now!

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