Norwegian EPIC, No Longer In A Studio - Back to Miami

So...it's almost over...Woke up in Miami. Actually, I could see Miami when I finally turned in last night, 2ish, but we didn't pull into the port for quite a while. I almost slept thru it. In fact, I managed to lay there in bed til 8am. Then I got up and went out on deck to see what was what. Talked to a few peoples and had a cup of joe and made a few phone calls, now that we're back in domestic Verizon range.
Went up to the EPIC Club for breakfast, where I had the Fruits de Mer en Brioche (lobster, shrimp and scallop on toasted brioche bread with a poached egg on top. It was fantastic. Spent my last hour aboard talking to a couple of people I had met over the course of the week. Tone from England (who now resides in Atlanta), a trivia whiz, and Sophie, a really nice young lady who owns a tea house/bakery in Belgium.
Finally at 10am, they got serious about shooing everyone off the ship, so I departed, got thru customs in less than 10 minutes and my friend called the shuttle guy to take us to Fort Lauderdale.

When we got there we found some electrical outlets and some wifi, same place I have before, in the courtyard of the building Hooters shares with Big Kahuna and CVS and the Croc store, and whatever. I plugged in and wrote up Nassau, charged my phone and, basically frittered away four hours on the internet, catching up with the world I left behind a week ago.
At 2 I decided I was getting hungry so I went up to Hooters for some Buffalo Shrimp, fried pickles and french fries. Oh, and I ran over to CVS to buy safety pins to repair my luggage that Virgin America so rudely tried to destroy last week. And fall back on their Contract of Carriage, when I complained, saying they didn't cover damage THEY caused, to zippers, seams etc. Asswipes. Oh, well...it's not like I was ever going to used that suitcase again. It was over 6 months old and had been used before. Once. Anyway...did you know you can only buy safety pins in about $5 quantities? I am 51 years old and I don't believe I have ever actually purchased a safety pin. They are one of those things, like rubber bands, that are just 'there' somehow.
Anyway...I digress...I finished up lunch at Hooters about 3:15 and decided to go north on A1A for a bit before turning south to meet the shuttle at Las Olas. So that's what I did. I really love Fort Lauderdale. The beach is very much like home, and the business on the other side is, like wise, way more like CA than Miami. So, it fits me.
Anyway, got the shuttle, arrived to the airport in plenty of time, found more plugs and free wifi, and continued wasting my life until it was time to board, and now I am completing this weeks blog series from Seat 13F on Virgin America flight 327, 34,195 feet above the west coast of Florida, and zipping along at 476miles per hour.

I'd say the world has changed a bit in the half century I've been here.
but enough of that...GOOD BYE!!! GO HOME!!! SHOW'S OVER!!!

p.s. and finally - I do hope you all enjoy reading this, and looking at the pictures and stuff.   I also want everyone to feel free to copy, share, repeat and re-post anything and everything on this blog. I am not one to quibble over intellectual property and copyright and I don't like to threaten people with silly lawsuits.  But I will tell you, right now, that if you do any of those sharing/copying/etc things and DON'T attribute it to the originator (in this case, ME), or at least link back to THIS site, you are a douchenozzle of the first order, and karma is gonna get you better than I ever could. 
That is all.  Carry on.

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