Norwegian EPIC - In a Studio, FIRST DAY AT SEA

So, let's see....I slept in til 9am (6am Pacific, but still...). Ran upstairs to get some caffeine and nicotine in me, and by the time I was nearly awake it was time for Trivia. Hooked up with some folks and did a respectable second place.

Then over to O'Sheehans for that wonderful English breakfast. I was as good as I remembered. Though a British friend later commented that it lacked black pudding, I have never felt the lack. After breakfast I went to the Living Room to type of the previous blog entry. I just wasn't feeling it earlier in the morning. I am doing my best to get an early start, but I have to tell you, as much as I love my Studio, it has in common with other insides, the total lack of light. I usually leave the curtains pulled back and the door open on a balcony, and get up with the sun. That's just not happening.

I spent a couple hours just bopping around, talking to people, until the Slot tournament at 1:30. Did that. Turned out badly. Played some other machines until the Blackjack tournament started at 3:00. That turned out badly. Fortunately I will have other opportunities.

The group I am tagging along with had a cocktail party at 4:30, so I hit that and hung out and had a couple of club sodas until it was time for dinner at Moderno at 6:00. We were a party of 37, taking up 4 tables. Except when I got there, almost everyone was seated, so I started the 4th table, and only one more person showed up after me. So, it was basically me and my buddy, the always delightful Crickett having dinner. I always enjoy her company because I can drop my filters, and quit pretending I like people. As far as I can tell, she has no filter, period. So, it's a lovely little snarkfest.

Anyway, Moderno Churrascaria was as good as I remembered. With the exception of a slightly dry sirloin (which was promptly replaced with some fresher, juicier pieces), all the meat was tender, tasty and juicy. The salad bar really is just outrageously good. And "salad bar" is a misnomer. There was no room on my plate for stuff like lettuce. I had 5 kinds of cheese, some sopresatta and salami, hearts of palm, marinated asparugus, a really tasty portobello, etc. It should probably be called an appetizer bar. And as I said, all the meats were excellent. steak, ribs, lamb chops, chorizo, linguica, chicken, all grilled and seasoned perfectly.
  OH, and one more thing:  Maria Ana Diola, our waitress:  AWESOME.  MAJOR POINTS FOR HER.  When the less than perfect meat was brought to her attention, she not only fixed it RIGHT AWAY, for the rest of the meal she was ON IT!  Not just making sure we were well served, but talking, asking questions, recommending...she was easily the best waitress I have had, anywhere, in quite some time!

After dinner I headed over to the casino, where I had little luck yesterday, or earlier. But all that changed, big time. Finally hit the 4 Aces with a kicker on the poker machine ($500). Took some of that and went over to a roulette table where I turned $100 into $200 pretty quick. A few more machines and I decided to cash out $500 and go watch some football. Watched my G'ints stomp on the Pack for a half, on the ginormous jumbotron in the lobby, and at half-time, when it was obvious they didn't need my help, I went back to the casino, where I soon hit the 4 Aces with a kicker AGAIN! So, I was up a buck for the day, my team was winning, and all was right with the world. Seemed a good time to call it a night. So, I did.

TTFN, mi amigos! I am sure I will have more to report, when we finally get to St. Maarten on Tuesday.

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