3 Days til Norwegian Star

While waiting, I thought I would share with you all.  Just watched a webinar with the NCL team.  Among other things, we were told the Norwegian Dawn will be getting basically the same Deck 12 Suite additions, during it's dry dock in May, that were done to the Star last year.

Apparently the Penthouse and Family Suite additions have  been a pretty huge success.  And since the Dawn and the Star were built as sister-ships, it makes sense to keep them the same.

Also, they talked about what a huge success the Churrascaria has been on the Norwegian Sun.  Not surprised, as I think it's the best restaurant at sea, ever.  But did not get an answer about introducing it fleet-wide.  Personally, I wish they would.  I am sure it could replace either the TexMex or the Italian restaurants.

Anyway...Three days from now, I'll be setting sail on the Norwegian Star in a wheelchair accessible AJ Family Suite.  Looks like rain on sailaway, which might cancel one of my favorite NCL activities, the Deck BBQ.  However, after the rain in LA, it looks to be somewhere between 78 and 80 degrees and sunshine at all the ports.

So, I am looking forward to a great cruise - join me in my daily "Live From the Norwegian Star" posts starting Saturday.  It's the next best thing to being there.

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