How Awesome is NCL? Let me tell you...

So, 4 days out from my NORWEGIAN EPIC cruise, I get an e-mail from NCL's Public Relations Manager. She tells me she read on my blog ( http://daveholmanstravelblog.blogspot.com/ ), that I am going on the EPIC, for a full week, after having been on the two day pre-Inaugural from New York. She wants to know if there is anything in particular I would like to see or do, while I am on the ship. I have a hard time thinking of anything. I have already toured the ship pretty well, and I am not into being a diva and trying to get VIP treatment. But, I am a total ship junkie...and I mean the actual, physical ship. The engineering, navigation, propulsion and stuff. Having owned boats, and sailed a bit, I am fascinated by all things nautical, and these modern cruise ships are just incredibly awesome achievements. And one of the things I really miss from the good old days of cruising is that they use to do "bridge tours" where you could go up on the bridge and see all the navigation and communication equipment. Between security concerns, and the simple fact of so many people on the ship these days, bridge tours for the masses have all but disappeared. And the only people that DO get to go on the bridge are VIP's, Media types, and the REALLY frequent cruisers. I have a Black Card with Princess (Elite Level on their frequent cruiser program) and still can't get on the bridge!

So...I asked her if she could arrange a bridge tour, and, within an hour VOILA! I am going to tour the bridge on the Norwegian EPIC!!! So, along with notes of my daily activities and port stops, look forward to some commentary, and, hopefully, pictures and video, from the bridge of the Norwegian EPIC, starting SATURDAY!

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