Day at Sea, Carnival Elation

Wow, what a Day-at-Sea. Started with my usual omelette on the fantail, wandered about for a while, and ended up at a "Name That Song" Contest. We hooked up with a veteranarian from Sherman Oaks, and his wife, and they recognized every song we didn't. So, we won the contest and I got my first Piece of Ship on a Stick for the day.

A little later, while trying unsuccessfully to lose back the money I won at Roulette, I got in the Slot Tournament, and won that too!!! Another Piece of Ship on a Stick (oh, yeah, and $500).

It finally got sunny and warm in the late afternoon, so we sat by the pool and soaked up some rays til dinner time. It was the Captains Party, so I actually put on long pants and shoes (formal by Carnival standards), and wandered around the Promenade listening to various musical types. One guy, Clifton I think, blows a mean saxophone, and a couple guys at the atrium bar were doing the obligatory calypso/reggae thing. I like the new format Carnival has come up with to replace the Captain's Cocktail Party. During our wandering we met the Captain and most of the Senior Officers...it is a casual atmosphere, that makes it easier to actually meet and talk for a minute with the various officers and staff.

At dinner I violated a rule and ordered the lobster, which was better than I remember. I also had a Greek Salad that was to die for.

Dinner ended too soon for the Piano Bar, so one more quick trip to the Casino, and another $400 win on one of those crazy slot machines that I still don't know what I did (and didn't even realize how much I had won, cuz I can never do the nickel math in my head). Deciding to quit while I was ahead, I left and found the Karaoke, which was every bit as bad as any land-based Karaoke I have witnessed, and lot's of fun. Finally, finished off the night at the Piano Bar.

All in all a very fun and profitable day. And now, it's time to get ready for Ensenada!!!

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