Back Home - Carnival Elation Cruise

Okay, so I eluded to the problems at the Port of San Diego in my first post. But, while leaving day was bad, arriving back was ABYSMAL!!!

Seriously, it is kind of sad that the Port of San Diego looks trashy, ill-designed and dysfunctional even compared to Ensenada, but the authorities there probably should take a field trip to Mexico, and see how easy it is to design a functional Cruise Terminal.

And I just know that a parking garage with either a pedestrian or vehicle over- or under-pass to seperate cars and people has to be cheaper than paying 150 Jr. High School dropouts to keep them apart.

Not to mention having to pay $15 dollars a day to park in a lot with no striping, so people just leave their cars laying around anywhere, and only one functioning gate. Come on, San Diego...Where are all the Port Charges going? Certainly not being used to maintain or improve the passenger facilities.

Oh, and P.S. for all my drug dealer friends: there is no Customs at the Port! They don't even make you lie about how much cocaine you are bringing in. Why risk driving or flying in your dope, when no one at the port even asks you whether you are bringing in contraband?

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