MSC Lirica, Day 2

Rocking and rolling today!

Serious wind and cold all day, made the classes all morning bearable. Not like I wanted to hang out by the pool anyway.

After classes went to the buffet for lunch...pretty good cheeseburger. Not Carnival good, but good.

More classes in the afternoon, then up and dressed for the Gala Dinner, which was good. I had a risotto, not as good as yesterday, but okay, a great cream of onion soup, veal picatta that was VERY good (despite what I have heard, I have had beef, pork or veal several times, and it has always been tender and juicy). Ice cream, which I had to pass on, last nite, was really good, with one problem. Of the 10000 possible flavors of ice cream, I like about 9,995 of them....Rum Raisin is one of the other five. So, guess what tonite's "ice cream of the day" was? Yep...oh, well, I will try again tomorrow.After dinner was the Cap'ts cocktail party, with the usual stuff...not my kind of thing, but I went anyway, to kill time before the show. Oh, and I also took a minute out on the way to drop $50 on the Roulette table. So far the casino has not been good to me, though the dealers, Roberto from Italy, and Varcelia (I think), a new hire from Peru are both a lot of fun.

Finally, I went to the main show tonite...interesting, and mostly good. A combination of magic, juggling, dance, a "cirque" type act with guy in a man-size hula hoop, doing various spins, somersaults, etc, while standing inside the hoop, and the highlight, a beautiful couple doing a cross between interpretive dance and a gymnastic floor exercise, set to Creed's "Arms Wide Open", which, weird as it sounds was actually oddly compelling and sensous, almost erotic.

And with that, I will close for the night...Tomorrow, Cayo Levantado, D.R., and hopefully some warm weather...

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