Live from the Lirica, Day 3

Finally, some good weather!

About 4 in the morning we got alongside Hispanola, and everything smoother out nicely...then the sun came up, the weather got good, and all in all it feels like a tropical vacation finally.

To backtrack, I wanted to tell everyone, one of the absolute nicest things about MSC so far, is that, for the most part no one has tried to sell me anything....I got on the boat without getting my picture taken, OR having to argue with a phtographer...they were selling soda cards, and wine packages and excursions in the lobby when we got on, but they were just standing politely, and talking to people who wanted to talk to them, rather than attacking everyone as they came on. So far I have had my picture taken ONCE!!! during dinner, and he was very low key and pleasant...no stupid clowns or pirates or any of that, and I have not seen one thing for sale on a table in a hallway. For those of us who remember the days when you had to actually get off the ship to be attacked by third-world street urchins peddling crap (before the cruise lines hired them to work the ships), it really has been a nice change of pace, and a major selling point for MSC. Likewise, every time I sit by the pool, ONE waiter/waitress will walk towards me...I shake my head and smile, they nod in understanding, and we don't have any more trouble. It really is pleasant.Anyway, so, a lovely day...the stop was to short to bother tendering to Cayo Levantado, so I sat by the pool and, because it was warm and sunny, wondered why A: European men think anyone older than 25 can wear a speedo without looking foolish, and B: why they don't have drug stores in Europe like they do here with aisle after aisle of razors, cremes, waxes and depilatories, so women can get rid of unsightly body hair....

After that philosophical rumination, I went to the buffet and had some good lamb roast, and...yes....TUNA PIZZA!!! It's actually a lot better than it sounds. seriously, the pizza was good, and I had five slices so I could try a bit of everything...and it was tasty!!!So, more lolligaging at the pool, then a quick rest up, and off to dinner, where the halibut steak was excellent, and my first real disappointment food-wise...one of my dinner companions confessed to never having had creme brulee...I convinced her that if she ever once had a good creme brulee, she would never order anything else...I am such a salesman, everyone at the table ordered it, and when it came the top was charred... Unbelievable the creme itself was good, but when you over heat the top and it goes from carmelized to "burnt sugar"...yech. And when I asked the waiter if he could bring us some that wasn't burnt, he looked at my like I was the retard...apparently someone at MSC thinks that is how it is supposed to look....oh well, like I said it is the first real disappointment food wise, so I will survive it.

Anyway, after dinner we stopped in the Casino, again, and I turned $100 into $200 pretty quick...so I am only down $100 at this point...maybe I will try again now.

Tomorrow, Tortola, BVI.....All for now

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