Live from MSC Lirica, Day 9

So, today was a Sea Day...and pretty typical...I am still impressed by the ability to get a table around the pool, even when everyone is here. Getting through the crowd to get from one end to the other was a challenge, since so many people are apparently offended by "rows", and feel the need to move their chair so that it is anywhere but in line.

Most of the day I just lollygagged around the pool, read a little and tried to recover from yesterday's stress.

Last formal night was tonite. I had the Veal Rack. Everyone else at the table had lobster, which was big, but looked and was reported to be a bit dry...which is why I don't get lobster on cruise ships...I don't remember the last time I had a good one.

The rest of the meal was fine. AFter dinner and a brief appearance at the Cocktail Party, of course, it was back to the casino....I still think it's the best room on the boat, the dealers are uniformly good, friendly, and I have now added Bulgarian to my list of languages, thanks to Christo, who taught me "Blago dari-a" (sp)..Thank You, in that language. Don't know when I might have cause to use that again, but I do like learning new words and phrases in every language I can find someone to teach meThe midnight buffet was to die for tonite - really awesome spread of meats, cheeses, fruit and veggie carvings, some bread baked in fish and crocodile shapes, tons of desserts, etc...A nice effort.

Tomorrow I will be in classes the first half of the day, and packing the last half, so I think I will wrap this up tonite. I will be posting a full review when I get home Sunday, so stay tuned if you are interested, and I will try to tie this all up in a nice little package.

Happy Sailing, Everyone.

p.s. two things - yesterday in all the confusion, anxiety and anger I committed two serious blunders...first off, when I dropped the rental at the airport I left my 44oz cup in the car...now I am stuck here for two days drinking from the little shot glasses they use on board (I knew about the cup thing, which is why I had the cab stop at a BP on the way to the port to pick up a Big Gulp), and, worse, I failed to buy a refrigerator magnet, which really is a big deal for me...I have kept my collection pretty well over the years, and this is a serious miss...oh, well.

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