Live from MSC Lirica, Day 7

Antigua - nice, hot, good shopping, fun people...but at this point I am kinda focused on Puerto Rico...and now they are saying we will be there at 9am, instead of noon, so that's a REAL two days...cool.

In an effort to stay out of the casino (apparently some people think I live there), I allowed myself to be talked into (I am such a sucker for a pretty face) going to the show tonite "Theater of Love" ...it was pretty much what I expected, and I was ready to go after the first set of ballet to romantic music. The next number was equally boring, until the piano and player levitated about 8 feet up off the stage, and did a slow front flip, while the player continued on...and then reversed for a backflip, and the guy never missed a beat...okay, THAT was pretty cool!!! and then some pretty interesting acrobatics set to music, so I ended up staying for the whole show. After the show, we went down to the Beverly Hills Lounge for "Stefano", who is billed as playing "Guitaround the world", which, I don't know, would seem to imply a wide range of guitar styles...Turns out he covers the entire musical spectrum, form Frank Sinatra all the way to Dean Martin.....now, this is not a problem, as I love Ol' Blue Eyes, but Stefano really needs to bill himself as "Guitaround North Jersey, 1952-1961", just to be accurate.

Anyway, all this frivolity was preceeded by a dinner of Chicked and Pistachio terrine which was just too much like cat food for my taste, a pretty decent asparagus risotto, and really good Saltimbocca, which I haven't had since I lived next door to an Italian restaurant in Long Beach, back in the late 80's.

I am getting burned out, here, but a few random thoughts about MSC, so far:

The bath towels are bigger than the bathroom...really huge, plush bath sheets, very nice.

This is the perfect sized cruise ship, for my tastes - big enough for plenty of activity, small enough that after 6 days I know most of the staff, and fellow passengers at least well enough to nod and say "Hi" too.

The pool area is as big or bigger on this 1500 pax ship than on some 2500-3000 pax I have been on, and consequently, I have NEVER, NOT ONCE, been unable to find a table or lounge chair around the pool...NEVER...Quite a change from some where every chair is taken by sunrise...

The Animation Team is a really nice touch...about 10 young men and women, who conduct poolside games, and engage in various antics at unexpected times and places (last nite one of them was in a bathrobe in the lobby, laying on the floor clutching a wine bottle), and are all very friendly even off duty when you see them. They all stop to talk and tell you what's coming up, etc....really cool.

I have never seen a Cruise Director (until now) who had time to read a paperback over lunch at the buffet EVERY DAY, nor have I ever met one who totally ignored passengers as they passed by....and I know she speaks 5 languages, so that's not the problem....Seriously, I am not one of those who tracks CD's from ship to ship, and compares notes or anything, (however, I do know all of the Casino Hostesses and most of the Dealers. LOL) but I have talked to a few of them over the last 28 years, and all of them are A: Affable, and B: Busy...I am just sayin'

Anyway, tomorrow is Puerto Rico, and I will let you know how that goes

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