Party at Coto de caza

On my way to a 30 year high school reunion - Not mine, my brothers. Reunion dinner is being held at a place called Gentile's in a town (Coto de Caza) that did not exist when I was growing up in the area. Hard by Irvine (which didn't really exist when I was growing up either - it was still a ranch in those days). It will be fun to see if all the new houses are an improvement on the orange groves they replaced. Certainly more pretentious - why such a Mediteranean Riviera name for a town in the foothills of Orange County is beyond me.

Should also be fun to catch up. I was only two grades behind my brother, so a lot of his classmates also had siblings in my grade.

We will be staying at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel in Buena Park, a first for me, since I don't normally stay in hotels so close to home. It looks nice on the website, and I got a great rate. I will let you know Sunday if it is all that, or not. Sunday is a picnic in my hometown, Santa Fe Springs, CA. Nice little town, these days surrounded by not-so-nice little towns.

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