pre-LIVE FROM the Norwegian Sky - 5/30/16 - 6/3/16

So, we made it to Florida.  An amazingly easy process with no traffic thru Los Angeles, and zero, zip, nada for TSA delay at LAX.  We had Pre Check, but literally walked up, flashed our boarding passes, went directly to the conveyor and set our carryons down, walked thru the metal detectors, picked up our bags and kept moving.  Maybe 90 seconds.  And even the regular lines were moving...maybe 5 minutes for the non-Pre Check people.  After all the fuss and bother for the last two weeks about TSA lines around the country, it was a pleasant surprise.  Not that LAX ever really has a problem.  LAX gets a bad rap because it's so spread out, with 9 terminals, it's not easy to navigate.  But the upside is there are anywhere from 20 to 70 TSA lines open at any given time, so things don't stack up.  So we ended up at our gate a full two hours before our flight, since I planned for either traffic or security tie-ups and neither happened.

I was also a little concerned about weather in Florida.  It was looking sketchy all week leading up to this...but Tropical Storm Bonnie decided to head north and trash the Carolinas, leaving South Florida sunny, hot and humid.  We may still get a little rain later, but right now it's a bright, shiny day.

We landed at 6am, took the scenic route (Collins Ave all the way from South Beach to Dania),  from MIA to the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina.  Got to the hotel at 8:30am.  The plan was to check in and go get breakfast and hang out by the pool all day until our rooms were ready...but lo and behold, there was one waiting for us! 

So, yeah...so far things couldn't go any smoother.  It's now 11 o'clock and we've flown in, picked up a car, checked in and breakfasted without a hiccup.  Here's to our continued good fortune! 

I'll be back tomorrow, after we board the SKY, to let you all know ;-)

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  1. I know the hotel you're at. You can see the port from the waterfront dock where you can take the water taxi to many sites of interest including the relatively new Margaritaville Hotel on Hollywood boardwalk and the intercoastal. The water taxi will also take you to the Diplomat and you can go to Ft Lauderdale beaches or Las Olas!
    Hope you can check it out before or after your cruise!
    "The Travel Doctor"


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