fathom Journey - Day 3, pt II

So, I told you I'd be back with details...and it's taken me this long.  Sorry.
I was lite on details about dinner...which is good, because it deserves it's own blog post.  I am seriously loving the Ocean Grill.  Last nights dinner started with a mahi ceviche that was terrific.  Less lime, and more spice (including a touch of tomato as well), but with mango for a sweet touch...I would say SUBLIME, but it would sound to contrived.  Oops.
After that I had the Mofongo.  Interesting.  Unlike anything I've ever heard called mofongo.  It had all the ingredients, but in little deep fried balls, like croquets.  Emil explained it was all about presentation.  Which I can see.  Whether you are in the Puerto Rico camp or the Dominican Republic camp on who invented the stuff, in either place it is delicious, but not real pretty.  And this is his solution to making it pretty, while preserving the basic flavor.
For the entre I had the Bistec Cubano.  Your basic steak served on a red chili sauce, with a couple fried plaintain slices and some yuca fries that were excellent.  It wasn't til the second or third bite that the dusting of cayenne really came thru, elevating the humble and basically insipid yuca to new heights of flavorosityness.  ( that's probably not a word, but it should be.)
 For desert I chose what was called a creme brule, but based on  a traditional Cuban corn custard.  I have to say, I am still deciding whether I liked it or not.  It was interesting, not too sweet, but not savory, and a texture thicker than creme brule should be.  The corn was a bit overpowering, though, and I am not sure where corn fits in the basic dessert flavor profile.  So, yeah...not bad, but not sure I would order it again.
After dinner, I was totally shot and went to bed and didn't move until 6am, when I got up to do it all again.
And that, mes amies, is a story for a different day...though it shall probably be delivered soon, as this afternoon I took an inadvertent power nap, and am wide awake...so just hold on, I may have DAY 4 coming soon to a laptop or mobile device NEAR YOU!!!

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  1. I'm on the next sailing, and am thoroughly enjoying your posts. Thank you!


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