Travel Weekly MEXICO CITY Fam Trip - 08/01/2015

And on Saturday, they let us sleep in. Til 7am! WootWoot! Seriously, rolled out, ran across the street to Starbucks, came back and headed over to the JW by Marriott for breakfast and another hotel inspection. Very nice property, very nice breakfast. We then headed across town to some big marketplace deal in Distrito San Angel. Because, you know...SHOPPING! MEXICO! Okay, for realsies, I did have a bit of fun walking around the square and thru the plazas. There was some nice artwork on display, but nothing I could bring home with me. I did pick up a few souvenirs, though. And I did have a great time with some of the other agents. One lady (actually 1000, but only one we fell for) was selling these cool toothpick thingies. Three of us bought some. Later, as we sat down in a little bistro for a drink and to wait for lunch, she was standing in front of us. So, we started telling all the other agents they had to buy some too. I think probably 10 or 12 did, finally (including a couple who had to borrow pesos from me, as they were spent out by then). So that was fun. We then went in to Fonda San Angel for lunch. I honestly don't know if it just suffered by comparison, but the lunch there seemed uninspired. Nothing BAD, but nothing to write home about, either. As I said...maybe just because everywhere else we ate was so good. After lunch we started back across town to Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo's house and museum. We were supposed to go to the Anahuacalli Museum as well, but TRAFFIC. We actually didn't have enough time at Casa Azul, by the time we finally got there...but we did go in and take a look around. Cool place. I got in trouble for taking pictures. Because I'm obnoxious that way. No, really. One of the other agents did too. I didn't see the sign. When I did, I stopped. Well, I went to the other areas where it was ok. So, yeah...got to cross that off the list. And then head back to the hotel for a minute and a half before heading to dinner. Dinner was at Azul Historico, a restaurant in the lobby of the Downtown Hotel. A really cool property near the Zocalo. An old palace, across the street from the Casino Espana. Both 18th Century buildings. The Front doors are about 20' tall and 6" thick of wood and iron. As the bus was dropping us off, across the street at the Casino Espana (no longer a casino, but THE place for receptions, quinceanaras and the like) was a line of men in evening dress and ladies in formal attire. Quite glam. But, to dinner! We started with a cheese soup that was incredible. Tomato based, and filled with chunks of Oaxaca cheese (kind of mozzarella-y in it's stringy melted state), seasoned with primarily oregano. Almost a pizza in a bowl. But gluten-free. And then the nicest piece of ribeye steak I've had in some time, over a chipotle sauce that was FABOLOSO! I am usually a purist on steak, forgoing sauces, but this one I was wiping the plate to get every drop. After dinner we took a tour of the hotel. Very large rooms. And a great location. However, there is a night club there too, and I am not sure the non-party animals would deal well with the noise. For the younger crowd that's not going to bed until 2am anyway, it would be great. Just as we finished that, we looked outside to the street and saw a drag parade coming down. Apparently something they do on the 1st of every month. Maybe 150 people, at least half men in drag. At the end of the block, they all crowded around and some were putting on various shows, including a fire dancer. Quite the mob scene. And quite a contrast from the crowd going in to the Casino a couple hours earlier. But, an interesting end to an interesting day! Back to the hotel 11ish. In bed 11:15ish. and HASTA LUEGO. tomorrow i'll tell you all about the Ballet Folklorico..the 2nd best part of the trip, after the hot air balloon.

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