Norwegian GETAWAY Preview Cruise, 1/27/2014 - eDOC DANCE TIME!

Okay, so we are 30 days out.  And I just got my cabin assignment.  I'll be in a Family Oceanview w/Large Picture Window.  While, obviously, I would have liked a balcony, I can work with this.  The family ocean views are 218 square feet, compared to 161 for the regular ocean views.  And in that extra square footage is a couch area AND a much larger bathroom, with double sinks and a bathtub and shower, instead of just a shower.  So, that's cool.  It's in a good location, just aft of the forward elevator and stairs.

So, a quick jaunt up to 678 Ocean Place, where most of the public spaces are.  And since it is January, and New York, I am guessing we'll be staying indoors most of the time.  Which is also why the "no balcony" thing isn't that big a deal...probably too cold to stay out there for long, anyway.

Getting exciting now!  Making plans for dinner with friends and all that jazz.

I really miss the days of yore, when they sent paper documents to your house, and you got to do the Doc Dance.  But, hey, e-Docs are kind of Docs.  And I am dancing on the inside.  Virtually.

Anyway, so, in the next 30 days, I will be spooning out information, as I get it, and of course, will be posting "Live From the Getaway" starting, probably the 26th when I get on a plane.  And posting pics, and tweets and status updates, etc...so STAY TUNED.

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