Finally Taking the Plunge, capitolo tre, THE TWIST

And, now we get down to it:  The thing that all my former hosts have been missing.  The new thing we are doing with Holman Travel:

Working and living in the 21st Century. 

Yeah.  You see, for all their high tech geegaws, even those big host agencies are hopelessly stuck in the 20th.  They actually sell their agents WEBSITES!!!  We, on the other hand, are harnessing this new thing called "social media".  That's where all the people UNDER 60 are hanging out these days.  For  $20 bucks a month they will sell you a website that is identical to their other 1000 agents websites, so NO ONE will ever find you!  I, on the other hand, have all my people set up Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest or Instagram for their photos, get LinkedIn, and encourage them to participate in groups and forums and ask.fm and stuff like that.  And I show them how to grow that Page.  I have 600 and some odd fans.  Why would I waste my time with an email campaign when I can get 600 people to see my promo with 5 seconds work?  I have 380 Twitter followers...doesn't sound like much, but they are real people.  My Klout score as of right now is 60.  It has been as high as 68, when I am traveling and blogging.  Got a 31 on PeerIndex.  And @Kred gives me a 629/5.  So, yeah...I can help you use social media to build your business.

As I said in the beginning, I've been in the business since 2007.  I've had my FB Page and a Twitter account since 2007.  Back before most people had heard of either.  I think Zuckerberg was still working on his first billion then.

Since then, I have assiduously cultivated Social Media for my business.  That is where 90% of my bookings come from.  I've learned some things (and will share them with you, if you join the team).  I am not going to talk about them here.  They aren't completely played out yet, like the WebSite thing is.  I am constantly looking for new ways to harness the internet to make money.  As I learn them, I share them.  Since I am no longer on the retail side, I've no reason to not tell my agents.

And along with the software side, we embrace the hardware end, too.  I, personally, own a desktop, a laptop, a netbook and a smart phone.  A good 90% of my business is done on my phone.  I can search a supplier, make a booking and take a credit card payment, all from my phone.  I no longer consider myself a "Home Based Agent" (something else that is soooo 20th Century).  Me and my team are the next new thing:  MOBILE AGENTS.  We don't have to be in an office.  We don't have to be in our homes.  We can do this from a coffee bar, or a baseball game, or a concert!  Most importantly, we can do this from a ship or a resort anywhere in the world!  Because we are MOBILE.

So, yeah...that's kind of "it":  We are Social and we are Mobile.  It's up to you - you can join us here in the new millennium or you can cruise your AOL chat rooms and send people to your website.  whatever. ;-)

Oh, yeah...and we know how to work smileys.

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