Breaking Down The Breakaway - New York Pre-Inaugural

Seems I started this weekly run up to the Breakaway about two weeks early...I am getting onboard in 19 days, and I done run out of stuff to say about the ship.

So, this week, I'm gonna give a rundown of the festivities on the 2day May 10th Pre-Inaugural, and next week a rundown of the activites on the May 12th Bermuda Inaugural.  And the Sunday after that, I will be blogging LIVE FROM THE BREAKAWAY!!!

Okay, so I'm heading to New York on the Virgin America red-eye from LAX.  Y'all already know Virgin is my favorite airline these days.  They are so good I am almost looking forward to flying.  Almost.  I'll be getting into Newark at 8am and a friend who is on the trip with me will be picking me and my Plus1 up at the airport.

Now, I know everyone thinks travel agents get all this free stuff, and it's nothing but a big ole party with free food and booze and all, but there really is a lot of work that gets done.  It is a chance for the cruise line to give us the information we need to sell their product, and a chance for us to learn, first hand, all about the ship, so that we can give you, the client, REAL information to make the best vacation decision.

So, check it:  In about 44 hours, from check in Friday to debark Sunday, we have to get onboard, find our cabin (11750 in my case, but don't tell anyone I already know), do a muster drill, attend whatever inaugural festivities and, in addition to eating, drinking and laying by the pool:
Download an app that gives directions for a scavenger hunt.  The point of this is to make you check out venues all over the ship.

Check in at Sales HQ and talk to the Business Development Team about blocking group space, etc.

Go on an official Ship Tour (which will have a cabin in every category open for inspection), again to make you walk the whole ship and get to know what is where.

Attend a small group product update session with Andy Stuart (EVP of Sales and Pax Svcs) and Camille Olivere (Senior VP/Sales), by appointment.

Attend a session with Stuart Cohen (an industry stalwart and entertaining sales trainer) on client loyalty.

And another session on booking groups with Vivian Ewart from NCL

And another session with the Bermuda Tourism Dept. 

So, you can see, the day is pretty busy.  And I am not one of those who shirks the sessions.  I know some agents are just there for the freebie, but I really do think it helps me be a better travel agent.  And I really do appreciate that travel suppliers like Norwegian Cruise Line are willing to provide both the fun times, AND the education.  Which is good for me, and for you!

Of course, after all that, the evening is pretty open, and yes, I will take advantage of some fine dining, and an 80's party after Rock of Ages and a fireworks show, etc.

As far as laying around the pool or basking in the Spa, I'll just have to let my plus1 do all that and report back to me.

btw - did I mention I'm getting on the Breakaway in NINETEEN DAYS?  and staying for nine?

Have a great week!  Next week I'll tell you what I have planned for the Bermuda Inaugural!

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