Norwegian Breakaway, May 10 Pre-Inaugural


Well, the good folks at Norwegian Cruise Line sent me an invitation to a 2 day Pre-Inaugural Cruise to Nowhere on their latest ship, the Breakaway!  Yay, me!

The Breakaway, which just floated out of the shed at Meyer/Werft Shipyard in Germany, and will be starting sea trials soon, promises to be a fantastic ship.

She duplicates many of the features which made the Norwegian EPIC a real game-changer in the industry, and adds some new things and fine-tunes some others, to make up for pretty much any of the negatives the EPIC generated.

The Wave cabins are gone, as are the split bathroom with glass shower doors.  Personally, I like both on the EPIC, but it did generate some controversy.  So, we're back to square cabins, and all-in-one bathrooms.  However, the look of the new cabins is very sleek and boutique hotel looking.  They've also gone back to ocean-view staterooms.  The EPIC has none, so your option is a balcony or an inside (or mini-suites and suites and stuff).  I guess some people like the light of a window into the room, without the extra price of a balcony.  Me, I am doing my best to be a balcony slob, so...

They have retained the Haven and all of it's features like a private dining room and lounge, etc, though it is a skosh smaller than the EPICs'.

Most importantly, they have kept the Studio Complex.  The Studios were probably the most innovative feature of the EPIC and they have proven extremely popular.  Allowing solo travelers to avoid the dreaded single-supplement, while also providing a private, key-card access lounge and a dedicated concierge/cruise director, the Studios are, so far, unique in the industry.  I doubt they will be for much longer.  Demand is such that, on the EPIC, Studio fares are sometimes closing in on a regular inside cabin with single supplement.  But, as you know if you read my last series, the cabins are so cool, and the other perks so awesome, that the value is definitely in favor of the Studios.  So, the Breakaway (and the Getaway, next year) will have Studios.  Looking at the deck plan, they have re-arranged the complex to make it a little more compact.  I like that idea.  My only complaint about the Studio I had was that the Living Room is way to the front, and my cabin was nearly to the back, and it was a long trek down that very cool Death Star lighted hallway.

I will post in detail over the next week about the other "improvements", but just a quick rundown:  The entertainment, which on EPIC really is epic, with Blue Man Group and Howl at the Moon and the Cirque Dinner and Dreams, is going to be just as top notch on the Breakaway.  Some of it will be the same, and some different, but probably just as good.  More later.

Up top, the Breakaway will have even more, and more awesome waterslides than the Epic, which featured the first plunge slide at sea.  And the largest ropes course at sea which includes "The Plank", which actually extends out over the edge of the ship.  Etc...again, more later.

The other negative feedback Norwegian has gotten on the EPIC is a lack of connection to the sea.  They have not just fixed that, they have positively ATTACKED it with "The Waterfront" an open air boardwalk of restaurants and bars where you can literally have a sea-side dinner...tres romantique, oui?  One more time, though...the Waterfront deserves it's own post, and will get one.

So, anyway...back to my story - the Breakaway is scheduled to sail from Germany at the end of April.  A one-night event in England, and then sail it's first "real" inaugural - a Transatlantic Crossing.  Arriving in New York on the 7th of May, she will do two, 2day Pre-Inaugurals, May 8th and May 10th.  These are events for the media, the travel agent community and, of course the Norwegian Cruise line staff and executives that make it all happen.  The 8th she will be formally christened by her Godmother(s), the Rockettes!  I would kinda like to be there for that, but, since I am on the May 12th Inaugural Bermuda sailing, I opted to do the May 10th PreInaugural, so I can just stay onboard.  I love these pre-Inaugurals.  Two days, no ports, just a chance to run around and try to discover as much of the ship as you can, try all the different food venues (well, not all...there are 16 or so on Breakaway, plus Carlo's Bakery, plus a gelato stand, plus Sabretts hot dog carts, and I don't think even I can handle 16 meals in two days, though I will give it my best shot), etc...the better to sell the ship to prospective clients.

And, of course, I will be posting daily "Live From The Breakaway"s during both the pre-Inaugural and the 7 day Bermuda Inaugural.

So, stay tuned, this week and next, as I BREAK DOWN THE BREAKAWAY for you!

oh, and I still have some space available on the 7day Bermuda run, May 12th...if you want to join me, give me a call at HOLMAN TRAVEL, 760.265.3687

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