Norwegian EPIC, In a Studio.

Major wrench in the works of my upcoming cruise! I was REALLY looking forward to experiencing the Studio Complex on the EPIC. Paid full retail (and more than necessary, I could have got a better rate on a different category) for a Studio GTY. Just got my cabin assignment, and they have put me in a regular inside stateroom. They might consider that an upgrade, but I most certainly don't. An upgrade from the Studio, imho, would be to a balcony, at least.

So, I have some emails in, and hopefully I can get "downgraded" back to a Studio.

If not, I will deal with it, but I am seriously disappointed.   Even though an inside cabin is a little bigger, it doesn't have all the cool features of the Studio cabins.  And, mostly, it isn't in the keycard access-only complex that includes The Living Room, a private lounge area for Studio guests.

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