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So, here I am!  And it wasn't easy.

I had to get up yesterday at 3am to get to LAX for a 6:30 flight.  Got into SeaTac at 10ish.  I had arranged with some colleagues to share a limo into the hotel.  But I was lacking details...so, grabbing my bags from the baggage claim area, I wandered around looking for a likely place.  Arrived to the parking garage area where shuttles and limos are parked.  About then I got a text from the guy who had hired the limo.  I was wandering the area as we shot messages back and forth.  Finally decided to head back and meet him at his baggage claim area.  Headed up the escalator, when I noticed I didn't have my suitcase.  Turned around, panicked, visions of the whole airport being locked down and my unattended luggage being exploded by a SWAT team.  Fortunately it was right where I had left it, and a lady from the shuttle company was keeping an eye on it for me. So, without further ado, I went and met my party, we got our limo and headed to the Crowne Plaza.

Got all checked in at the hotel (the young lady at the front desk told me she put me in a corner room, which is bigger than the standard rooms...if so, I feel sorry for the people in the standard rooms...it's not all that), and found the room to check in for the Travel Weekly Hosted Agent program.  My friend and Former Dean of NCL U (Norwegian Cruise Line University, their training program) Jacquie, who hooked me up with this deal was there and we hanged out for a while, so she could insult me and stuff.

Finally headed over to the first General Session.  Mostly consisted of a couple of panels and q&a with execs from various Host Agency's and Consortia.  I have to say, I have no idea what the point of  it was.  But I had a good time hanging out and talking to friends in the business.

Then back to the hotel to hang out some more, and finally ended up spending several hours in the hotel bar/restaurant talking to new and old friends.  I don't know why people who put these things together always want to have "networking sessions" that are so stilted and formal.  Cuz it's always in the hotel bar after everything is done that the real networking begins. 

But, all good things must come to an end, and about 10, completely wiped out from a day that started at 3am, I decided to call it a night.

Tomorrow is breakfast at 7, hosted by Shore Trips, one of the biggest excursion companies.  I am really looking forward to that...and I will tell you all about it tomorrow...


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